Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So I am a little fatter but I am motivated!

So according to BlogSpot I have not logged in or written since Feb 1. Wow! So a quick update my Herd.

My knees are back in order but the arthritis in them is still a real pain. I am able to do WoW in the mornings but have to really watch myself and modify, modify, modify. I am still going for walks but I have to keep the pace slow and steady which annoys me because Mammoths can be fast too.

The biggest problem that I have is with my eating. As a food addict I love to eat and overeat. Its just what we do and the past six months I have been really down on myself. My knees hurt, I couldn't do bootcamp, work stress, family life issues, you name it and I gave myself a license to eat. So I have packed on some weight. I am still no where close to where I was 2 years ago but I can feel the creep.

I also feel like a hypocrite. Which is completely counter productive because all it does is send me into a shame spiral, which leads to the above eating abuse. So this is me coming clean. I have gained back close to 90 pounds. Just writing this makes me sad but you deserve the truth and I told you in the first blog post that I would always be honest with you. This is a long journey and I hope you will stick with me as I work to get back.

I leave you with the following YouTube link for my new inspirational song. "The Fighter", that is who I am!