Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Days Til the Race

So its Monday night Mammoths and my thoughts are totally about the race on Saturday. Am I prepared? Am I going to finish? What shirt should I wear? The normal questions we all have right before a race.

I know I am prepared. Matt and I have been training non-stop since Christmas so we are more than ready.

Of course I am going to finish. I have never not finished anything I have started so why am I going to start now. I am going to finish and crush my old time. I have my CamelPack ready, my gels, and my Brooks shoes are broke in and ready to speed me on to victory Mammoths.

The shirt question is by far my hardest question. I have an awesome Brooks running shirt and I also have a really cool shirt our business made. Both are made with wicking material and both are so cool. I am so glad that this is my hardest choice.

Well Mammoths I have begun the tapering process and today I did 3 miles on the treadmill at the Omni just to keep my legs fresh. I am so excited about Saturday and I can't wait to do it and do it well. I will post pictures and all of that good stuff so you can see your pack leader in action.

Tomorrow I will pack my race bag and talk about what I will be taking and why! Until then Mammoths I hope to see you on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and as always watch what you are grazing on.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 More Days

Hey Mammoths. Well I am nine days out from the race and boy am I getting amped about it. The thing that I am really looking forward too is running with my friend Matt. It is great when you have a good guy who wants to run with you so again Mammoths I strongly encourage you to find someone to run with.

Last weekend my office participated in the St. Joe's Jog 5k. It was very challenging because it used the hilliest road in Athens as the course. Me, my wife, and baby Mammoth set off together and did it in 47:19, with a jog stroller is a pretty respectable time. The best part was watching my friends and employees running with our MoWerks shirts on. I have attached some photos of the run.

As always have fun on the range, stay close to a water hole, and watch what you are grazing on.

Friday, February 18, 2011

St. Joes Jog

So tomorrow is a big 5k for me Mammoths. Its the last real race before the 1/2 and I have some pretty lofty goals set for it. First, I want to calculate my Average Heart Rate to see if I am hitting my marks appropriately. Second, I am going to try and finish my time in under 40. Matt and I were hitting about 13 minutes a mile last Saturday so we should be able to do it. Lastly, I have a whole lot of people from the office running tomorrow and I want them to have an awesome experience and get bit by the 5k bug.

Short and sweet tonight Mammoths. Going to hit the sack soon and get rested up. Will post on how the race went tomorrow. One other big thing. This is the first time Tilly and I will be in the same race and I am looking forward to that a great deal. Baby Mammoth hanging with Daddy Mammoth.

As always I hope to see you on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and be careful of what you are grazing on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ten Miles, Well Really Nine Miles Plus But Still!!!

Hey Mammoths. So I had a really good walk/run on Saturday with Matt. I started off hot and hitting my marks, actually I was hitting under them, and cruising up hills like they were nothing. All was great until mile 5 and then I was out of gas. I took my energy packets and slugged down some water but I just could not get any momentum going. Not sure why that happened other than it was so bloody cold out. Its kind of funny to think that I am a Mammoth afraid of the cold.

Mammoths its at these moments when its great to have a good friend rocking it with you. Matt kept urging me on and keeping me cheered up. I am really hard on myself and he was there to say, "Hey dude its cool. The most important part is that you are finishing today and that is what matters." He is right. For a Mammoth finishing is the most important thing but still you want to feel like you did your best and frankly I did not feel that way. Now this is not "stinking thinking" this a reality gut check and from my evaluation of the run I have posited the following:
1) Took off way to fast.
2) Did not follow my experience and shorten the walk/run ratio.
3) Did not eat a good enough breakfast for fuel.

So now that I know what I did wrong I have two weeks and four days to get it right. Can't believe it is going to be here that quickly. I am really looking forward to the race and breaking our time of 3:45. Matt and I are shooting for an under 3 1/2 and the way the course is laid out I think we have definite shot at. The best part of Albany, GA is the lack of hills. Athens has a a ton of hills to go up and down but Albany is basically flat.

We have the St. Joes Jog this Saturday. Jackie, Tilly, and myself plus a ton of people from my office will be doing it. We all have shirts made so you will know who the MoWerks Try Athletes are.

Alright Mammoths I hope to see you out on the range, stick by a good watering hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on.

Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Miler Tomorrow

Hey Mammoths, sorry for the long pause but your fearless leader has been a tad under the weather. One of the things that I have to deal with is my stomach shrinking, not figuratively but literally, and it hurts. Imagine the worst stomach cramp you have ever had. Now times that by twenty and you get my pain. Is it worth it? Absolutely! What sucks is that it really curtailed my training this week and I am scared about the big run tomorrow but all in all it is worth the pain because it means I am shrinking.

Speaking of shrinking I lost another 4 pounds last week with Lighten Up Georgia and am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday. Lighten Up Georgia is a great program run by Athens Regional Medical Center. Its free and open to our community here in Athens so I highly suggest you take part. Heck, you can win prizes just by losing weight, how sweet is that?!

So I am prepping for my ten miler tomorrow. I have my Camel Pack ready to go. I have my gels ready to go. And I have Matt ready to go. It is going to be awesome and a great way for us to really measure ourselves to see where we are. I am looking for a two hour run tomorrow and I think it is totally doable. Matt and I hit 6 miles in an hour plus change last week so I am confident we can do it. Bottom line is though we will do 10 miles tomorrow and rock the house with our AWESOMENESS! I plan on VLogging the run tomorrow so you all can see how we did.

For more on Lighten Up Georgia Click HERE