Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Miler Tomorrow

Hey Mammoths, sorry for the long pause but your fearless leader has been a tad under the weather. One of the things that I have to deal with is my stomach shrinking, not figuratively but literally, and it hurts. Imagine the worst stomach cramp you have ever had. Now times that by twenty and you get my pain. Is it worth it? Absolutely! What sucks is that it really curtailed my training this week and I am scared about the big run tomorrow but all in all it is worth the pain because it means I am shrinking.

Speaking of shrinking I lost another 4 pounds last week with Lighten Up Georgia and am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday. Lighten Up Georgia is a great program run by Athens Regional Medical Center. Its free and open to our community here in Athens so I highly suggest you take part. Heck, you can win prizes just by losing weight, how sweet is that?!

So I am prepping for my ten miler tomorrow. I have my Camel Pack ready to go. I have my gels ready to go. And I have Matt ready to go. It is going to be awesome and a great way for us to really measure ourselves to see where we are. I am looking for a two hour run tomorrow and I think it is totally doable. Matt and I hit 6 miles in an hour plus change last week so I am confident we can do it. Bottom line is though we will do 10 miles tomorrow and rock the house with our AWESOMENESS! I plan on VLogging the run tomorrow so you all can see how we did.

For more on Lighten Up Georgia Click HERE

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