Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 339! Michael Williams bags himself a Mammoth and Other Oddities About Today! Plus A Challenge!

Mammoths this has been a really strange day for your main Mammoth. It started off like any other day. I got up at 4:55, got dressed, and went to Boot Camp! Today was diagnostic day so we ran an timed mile, pushups in a minute, and situps in a minute. I have done this a lot so this was not new for me. What was new was me coming in at 12 minutes. Now earlier I had come in 3 seconds faster but I am pleased with my consistent effort. I then knocked out 20 push ups and 40 situps, which I am very proud of. What threw me off was that we normally do this and then we call it a day, but not today. Michael is getting us ready for race season so we did a bunch of running drills like high knees, skips, and Frankensteins. After a timed mile this was kind of rough on the old Mammoth but I hung in there and did the best I could. So far this is just a little above normal but nothing to great. Well Mammoths that was all about to change.

I get home and have an awesome yogurt, fruit, granola, with a boiled egg on the side Good Measure Meals breakfast and leave for work. I notice that my battery light is on. Now Mammoths I drive a 10 year old Ford Expedition. I love Molly and she is so great for trips but she is getting a little old but hey I don't have a car payment which is awesome, especially with all of the traveling I will be doing this summer. Anyhow I get to work and make some sales calls and then its off to see my friend Art Archibald at Silver and Archibald to catch up and ask for some advice. After this highly productive meeting I get in Molly and proceed to 5 points, an area of Athens that is high class. As I come to a stop Mammoths, Molly dies. She won't turn over. I have to get out and push this massive SUV to a parking area. Thank God I have been working out because that was a huge chore but I got it done rather quickly. I called the Mom-moth and she came to the rescue! I then went to Pep Boys where they charged 343.00 for an alternator but I was promised that I would not have any more electrical issues with Molly. Mammoths this is not how my mornings usually go!

While Molly is getting worked on I head back to the house with the Baby Mammoth and we play a little and then have lunch. Again, Good Measure Meals came through with this awesome Chicken Salad and croissant roll. It also had an orange. What made the Chicken Salad was that it had grapes in it so it had a burst of flavor in each bite, Magnificent. The best part it was still under 500 calories and I was stuffed, which was good because of what happened next.

Now Mammoths Michael of WoW Boot Camp! has me on a tough training schedule. What I am attempting is serious business and so when I read that I had to get on the stationary bike for an hour I thought he was kidding. He wasn't! So Matt, my honorary Mammoth in Gazelles clothing, met me at the Omni and a way we went. About 15 minutes into it we both thought, THIS SUCKS! But we gutted it out and to be honest Mammoths I liked the way I felt when I was done! I burned a ton of calories, increased my cardiovascular capacity, and did not do any impact damage on my knees even though I rode for 16 miles. This was a real win for me! After the gym I picked up my fixed Molly, ordered my month's supply of Good Measure Meals, and saw my friend Natalie Camp picking up her Good Measure Meals at Ty's New Balance Store. It is great to know that people you respect, Natalie and Tom Camp are both big time runners and heroes of mine, are doing the same things you are doing to stay healthy and active. It is reaffirming Mammoths and sometimes I need that just like y'all. I then went and saw Matt and he showed me Crysis II for the PS3, two words OMG AWESOME! Just check out the first cut scene, it will blow you away.

After all of this I get home to a wonderful dinner of Turkey breast with cherry and cranberry sauce, over a bed of sweet potatoes, and a green bean casserole you would get for Thanksgiving! It was so good that I am hoping to get it again in the near future. Best part Mammoths it was under 500 calories again. With Good Measure Meals eating a 2100 calorie diet is really, really easy. I think the Mom-moth might be joining me soon on this!

All in all even though it was a weird day it was a good day. Best part of it was that I had the chance to comfort eat, because your car breaking down is stressful, but I used my strategies and I made it through without having to comfort eat. That is a huge step for me Mammoths.

So the Mom-moth came up with a good idea and I think we are going to do it. I am asking all of you Mammoths, friends of Mammoths, and Gazelles to move for thirty minutes, each day, for the next 30 days. April has 30 days in it so from Tomorrow until the end of the month I just want you to get up and do something. It can be anything. You could walk your dog, go for a bike ride, lift bags of potting soil and garden. Anything you want to do but it has to be movement and it has to total 30 minutes each day. So if you take 2 15 minute walks then you have met the challenge. When you meet the challenge post it on my FB fan page and encourage other Mammoths to do it and keep up the hard work.

So Mammoths you have a challenge now! 30 minutes for 30 days and then post it on the Woolly Mammoth Runner FB fan page. I will be starting tomorrow and I haven't decided what I will do yet but I am leaning for a nice family walk in the evening here in Athens. Well Mammoths it is about time I end our herd chat for tonight.

As always enjoy your rambles on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on. (On that note I am posting a picture of what I grazed on tonight. Sorry Shirley but folks want to see it and I am sorry it makes you hungry and want to move here. :)  )

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Answers to Mammoth Mail

I just got this question from Meredith J. She writes, "Ok Mark, we need to talk about how to get started running. Sure there is the C25K app to get someone started but that doesn't tell anyone how to deal/ treat/ cope with shin splints, chafed thighs etc. these annoying issues have discouraged me in the past, Got any tips to pass on here?" 

Meredith brings up excellent points. All of the apps out there to support our running habit have very little advice to give on how to run successfully. My WoW Coach Michael Williams says that the main key to being ready for a marathon is showing up to the start line healthy. So I thought I would take your questions one at a time.

Shin Splints: They suck! No question about it. When I was first starting at H3 I got them and man did they hurt. Mammoths I was in so much pain I actually considered the catheter so I wouldn't have to get up to go to the bathroom it hurt that bad. Jeff Ford then turned me on to a concept called RICE. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate your legs. Rest means that you do just that. Take a day off here and there or cross train with an activity that does not use the legs in a pounding fashion (swimming would be a good rehab for shin splints). Remember this is inflammation so combat that with Ice. 20 on, 20 off for an hour. Compress is a hard one for me Mammoths because most of the compression gear is built for our slender running cousins, Gazelles I will call them from now on. I use an Ace Bandage to compress but you can use a towel just as long as it is snug and giving you the benefit of compression. The last is Elevate. I use an orthopedic wedge at night when I sleep when I have to elevate. The keey to elevation is to make sure your feet are above your heart. RICE can see you through most injuries. A good website for this is Shin Splint Website

Chaffing: Another sucky thing! To combat chaffing it is really very easy! Go to any sports store and buy some Glide. Once you get the Glide put it on all the bits that are going to rub, even your nipples (trust me on this). The Glide will give enough lubrication to prevent friction which causes chaffing. Glide is awesome. Check out the Body Glide Website for more information.

Plantar Fasciitis: Alright out of the three this sucks the worst! Basically the long tendon in your foot starts to be inflamed and hurts so much Mammoths that you just want to chop your foot off and get a new one. Unfortunately we can't do that so we have to do the next best thing which is stretch it out and do cold therapy. For me I use a can of peas or corn that I put in the freezer and when mine activates and hurts I take the can and roll it on the bottom of my foot. Does it hurt? Hell yes but after a while the tendon stretches and you feel a ton better.To learn more about Plantar Fasciitis go to this website. Gazelles have these issues too but we Mammoths are more susceptible to them so we have to be more on guard. A great strategy for cold therapy is some advice I got from a Gazelle. She told me that I should use a bag of peas instead of ice bags because you get all of the benefits without the mess, and she was so right.

Meredith and my other Mammoths the thing you have to understand is that you are going to experience some discomfort. For a lot of us this may be the first time since college/high school/ military service that we have gotten up and started moving pretty regularly. Discomfort is a part of the process. Overcoming this discomfort is part and parcel to what we do as Mammoths out there running with Gazelles. Get into your mind that a little discomfort is okay, straight up pain is not! If you are feeling pain you should immediately stop what you are doing RICE and if the pain persists or rears its ugly head at your next workout go to the Doctor! No Pain, No Gain was never said by anyone who is a serious runner. One of the best parts of Spirit of the Marathon (a documentary about normal people and a professional runner who participate in the Chicago Marathon) was when this one guy who dreams of running the Boston Marathon is told he can't run the race in Chicago which he needs to do to qualify for Boston. He is devastated by this news but he rehabs and we learn later that he did meet his goal. Why did he meet his goal? He listened to his body and went to the Doctor.

Those are my thoughts on the issues raised in today's Mammoth Mail by Meredith J. I hope you found some pearls of wisdom in there and you get back out on the range! As for the rest of you Mammoths I hope you enjoy your rambles on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always be mindful of what you are grazing on!

Day 340. Rest Day so Its Mammoth Mail and Recipe Day

Morning Mammoths. So I get a rest day today so I thought I would respond to some Mammoth Mail I got on my Face Book fan page and also give you the best dessert recipe ever!

In my first Mammoth Mail Question I answer a really good one. It comes from Beth S. from Maryland. Beth wrote: How to stop making excuses and just do it. How to get to the point that the goal is more important than the "bad" food along the way.

Beth this is a tough question because it deals with priorities. In my show on A&E I came face to face with this choice with Johanna at the grocery store. What is my goal? To run a marathon. How do I do this goal? By continuing to lose weight. Now that I have that in mind I use little tricks to help remind me of my goal. I have a sign on my refrigerator at home and at work that asks, "ARE YOU EATING FOR THE RACE?" I also made a wallet sized card that allows me to see it every time I open my wallet. These little reminders help me but willpower is a muscle and if you have exercised at all you know that muscles will fail. There will be day when you pull into the McDonald's parking lot and go through the drive thru, it is going to happen, it has happened to me. I want to tell you that that is okay. You haven't blown anything, you just had an off day. Everyone has an off day, it is up to you though to recognize it and then do the NEXT RIGHT THING. Little slips happen, heck even big slips happen but its what you do next that is important. You also want to plan for a splurge as well. If you have an occasion plan for it and say yes to that Lasagna, but make sure its an occasion worth your calories. Lastly occasions don't happen every night! Well when I was 650 I sure did think that every meal was an occasion, now I know differently. Thanks Beth for that question.

Okay awesome recipe from H3. Jen Welper the executive chef made this for us one Friday night and it was so, so awesome! I will give the recipe here and also the link so you can check it out yourself. By the way, I made this for my employees for our Monthly MoWerks Munch and they went crazy for it. 

8 oz. Fat-free cream cheese
1 ½ cups Confectioners sugar
½ cup Creamy peanut butter
1 cup Skim milk
16 oz. Fat-free cool whip (thawed out)
1 cup Crushed graham cracker crumbs

• In mixing bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar and peanut butter.
• Slowly add milk and beat at medium speed until smooth.
• Fold in thawed cool whip.
• Spoon ¼ cup of peanut butter mixture into the bottom of a glass.
• Sprinkle one tablespoon of graham cracker crumbs on top of the peanut butter
• Repeat; alternating peanut butter mixture with graham cracker crumbs.
• Top off with peanut butter mixture (there should be five layers).
• Cover and freeze until firm.
• Enjoy!

Number of servings: 16
Serving Size: 1 cup
Calories: 180
Fat Grams: 4.5

Peanut Butter Triffle Cup  Thank you H3

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart rate test. First day of Good Measure meals. WoW Boot Camp! Day 341

Hey Mammoths!

Well it has been an awesome but long, long day! Day started at 5 am with Boot Camp! with Michael and Tom Camp.. Tom decided that it would be good for us to maximize our core by beating the hell out of it and our shoulders. We started off with running three laps, then mat work, three more laps, some more mat work, and then finally three more laps and then a killer session of abs! I was lucky because the program Michael has me on had me walking this morning but my friends were not so lucky. It is hard though to watch them run off while I have to walk but I keep in mind the long term goals and that is what is important.

My next task was to do a heart test. Mammoths this was one of the toughest things I have ever done. The idea behind the test is to determine my fitness zones so we can best maximize my metabolism for the marathon. The test began with me warming up and I did a dynamic stretch for about ten minutes and a solid walk of five minutes before running. Now as my regular herd mates know I run a 6/4 split. So when I reached my first 6 minutes my heart rate was a 147, at 10 minutes it was 110, at 16 minutes 152, at 20 minutes 115, at 26 minutes it was 160, and 120 at the finish of the test at 30 minutes. I have submitted these results to Michael and he will get back with me on my zones and I will share the info with you my friendly Mammoths.

I got a bicycle today and it am looking forward to riding it to work! Saves on gas and ups my cardio! A win, win all the way around.

Today I also started using Good Measure Meals. Now I won't endorse a product I don't use and let me tell you I am going to be using the heck out of these meals. Now Mammoths y'all know that the reason I got into running was because it is the only sport where it is acceptable to have a snack in the middle of it, so food is very important to me. So when Michael and April suggested I try Good Measure Meals I was skeptical of it. In fact it took a good month for me to sign up but after today Mammoths I am a Good Measures Man! The day started out with a large slice of quiche and this baked apple and pecan goodness that almost made me call my mama and ask why she never made anything this good before. I then had an awesome yogurt and granola snack while at work. I came home for lunch and had the best broiled chicken Cobb salad anyone could want with a large red apple. My afternoon snack was a banana pastry that reminded me of these cakes I used to get as a kid. Finally, I had this rather tasty Indian dish that was vegetarian. It was good and filling but my favorite meal had to be breakfast. So I am now hooked on the Good Measure Meals and I will see what kind of deal I can get you my herd mates. No promises but if I can I will! Here are some photos of Breakfast and Lunch at the bottom of this blog!

Well my race schedule firmed up a bit today. My next race will be April 23. I will be participating in the Silver and Archibald Habitat for Humanity 5K. Then I will be doing the Warrior Dash in May. June is still wide open but myself and Mom-moth will be running in the PeachTree Road Race on July 4. It is all rather exciting!

Ok Mammoths I am calling it a day. Good rambles for me today. 5 miles in total so not to shabby! 341 to go! As always have fun on the range, stick close to a great watering hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Training Begins With The First Step: Day 342

Hey Mammoths.

So today I began the journey of 1000 miles (well really 26.2) and I am really jazzed about it. I will be eating clean with Good Measure Meals and I am using Training Peaks to keep track of my progress. I am 342 days away from my first full marathon and like I said earlier I am really excited about it.

Today's training was a cross training day. I had to ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes. I put it at a level 10 and just went for it. Now Mammoths I have a confession to make, I hate the stationary bicycle more than anything else in the world! I find it really, really boring and I was stuck in front of reruns of How I Met Your Mother (only god part is Neil Patrick Harris and that red headed girl likes to kiss other girls) so I was kind of in exercise hell. It did give me time to try out my new Nike Boom App and man was that the coolest. As I started to slack off a bit Wayne Rooney (striker for Manchester United-and if I had to tell you this we may have to have a chat about the importance of soccer in my life) telling me to keep going and push for it. I thought that was awesome since my last Nike App had Tracey Morgan in it. Not that I am hating on Tracey Morgan but I really wanted Lance Armstrong or someone who is an athlete to cheer me on.

I then had an event at UGA where I showed my Heavy episode and had the opportunity to speak to people. Michael and April from Boot Camp were there and Michael gave me an awesome introduction. Big shout outs to my friend Matt Hewett who brought his whole family, my partner Mike Orey and his son Drew for coming by, and a whole lot of other people who were so sweet to take time out of their lives to come. And a huge thank you to Tonia Dousay who set it all up, made posters, and was the general awesome person she is, Thanks again so much.

Well Mammoths I have an early start tomorrow with a big heart test followed by Boot Camp, can't wait!!! As always have fun out there on the range, keep close to a good watering hole, and watch what your grazing on!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Future

Hey Mammoths!!!

So I just had a coffee with Michael Williams co-founder of WoW BootCamp! here in Athens and we talked about the future. It's weird sometimes to think about what is ahead of me since for so long I didn't even want to think about the future because I was so hopeless. Now though I am ready to do it. I have committed myself to running a full marathon next March at the Snickers in Albany, GA. That is the goal! As my partner Mike has at the bottom of his email "so it is written, so it shall be done."

To do this I am setting up mini goals and achievements to get me there. My first race hopefully will be the PeachTree Roadrace in Atlanta on July 4, a middling 10 k late August-Early September, the Athens 1/2 in October, the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Savannah in November, the New Years Day 5k in Athens, and finally the Snickers full marathon in March of 2012. This is my unofficial race schedule and there is a fun run for me in May with Matt and Mike, the Warrior Dash 10:30 wave and other small races that I enjoy like the Silver and Archibald Habitat Run in late April that I will participate in but they all lead to the full 26.2 miles in Albany.

Well my dear readers I now have a plan and you are going to come with me. Every grueling mile, every sit up, every leg lift, every weight training session you will see how I progress. In other words the Papa Mammoth has had his three week hibernation and now it's time to get serious and back out on the range. I will be posting what I am grazing on as well by using MyFitnessPal to record my calories, so go to their website and be my friend.

May 1 I will have a major announcement and I am so stoked about it. So keep checking in Mammoths!

Well my little Mammoths I have said enough for today. If you haven't joined the FB fan page or my twitter @WMRunner then please do so.

As always Mammoths have fun on the range, make sure you have a good watering hole, and always watch what you are grazing on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Love and then Treading :)

Hey Mammoths! Just wanted to again thank you all for the love you are showing this guy. I am seeing now that my story was truly inspirational to a lot of people and they are telling me how awesome they are doing! I am current at Hilton Head Health (H3) and am having a blast with Jackie and Tilly. I got to do two things I love: I got to talk about my experience at H3 and the 1/2 Marathon and I got to teach a Treading Class. The Treading Class allows me to talk to people who are not runners and share with them the joy of running. It is also a kick butt workout!

After my class I made a new friend. This guy Mammoths is one of us. He has the heart of a champion and will overcome his issues. I have total faith in this man and can't wait for him to share his awesome story of triumph as he recovers. Keep it up my herd mate, you are among friends.

Below are two videos Jackie shot of me doing the treading class. Mad love goes out to our Honorary Mammoth Jeff Ford who lent me his music, and by lent I mean I went into his office and took his CDs, he didn't need them. Thanks Jeff!

Alright y'all check out the videos and have a great night.

I hope you all had a good day on the range, that you stuck near a good watering hole, and that you minded what you were grazing on.



Big Time Show and Thank You's.

Wow Mammoths I am stunned by the show and the sheer amount of goodwill people have been sending me. I need to thank a lot of people but first I would like to thank Jackie for being the best wife EVER! She has put up with me and my shenanigans for a long time and without her I am nothing.

I would then like to thank Bob Wright for believing in me, even when others evidently did not! Bob Wright is the kind of man you want in your life because he is a straight shooter and will tell you what you need to hear. Jeff Ford is also someone really special in my life. He not only believed in me he trained me. Without Jeff there was not way I would be able to have finished the race. Big ups to Amber who also had no problems telling me it is okay to back off a bit. Amber is an awesome trainer and a great person. Last but not least (even though he did go to Florida) is Adam Martin. Adam helped design a lifting regimen that strengthened my legs, core, and shoulders to make it possible for me to run. Adam was always there with an encouraging word and the idea that you can do it.

I would also like to thank the folks at Tijuana productions. Especially Tim who wrote my episode with Lindsey. Erin Flynn for making me look like a rockstar and Adam for never doubting me and picking me up at the hospital in the dead of night so I can get back to training. You guys were awesome.

To the Twelve I love you all and I miss you all. I could not have done this without you especially Ronnie and Bill. You two were my inspirations and heroes. Always have been and always will be.

And thank you Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity and the chance to be a servant to those who feel hopeless. I pray that they watch my episode and know that I know where they are coming from and that they can do it as well.

Its late Mammoths and I have to ramble tomorrow so...I hope to see you out on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always be mindful of what you are grazing on.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Episode is Tonight

So Mammoths tonight is the big premier of my show and I am nervous and excited about it! I will be watching it here at Hilton Head Island at Hilton Head Health with the guests here and that should be awesome. Best part is that I get to see Jeff Ford and Bob Wright and the rest of the crew who got me into better shape. I still have a ways to go but I know now I can do it. I have a hope that I did not have a year ago. A year ago at this time I was gearing up to go to H3 and I knew that this was the make it or break moment of the rest of my life. I went in with the idea that I am going to make a change, and a change I have made!

Well Mammoths this is short I will blog longer tonight.

Have fun on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

H3 Sunday Villa and Dinner

Thought I would give you guys a little insight to what it is like here at Hilton Head Health. Big, Big, Big day tomorrow. Exercise classes in the morning, lecture in the afternoon, and then the Heavy Preview and talk after Dinner. Wow! Ain't life exciting!!!

A Ramble to The ISLAND

So hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that your favorite Mammoth and his little herd made it safe and sound to the island. We have checked in, got our bags, come to our villa, and I am blogging already! I forgot how much I love this place. It is so peaceful here right now without all of the traffic and noise of the Summer. Jackie, Tilly and I saw a big alligator already, she was lounging on the bank waiting for a snack to swim by.

Well Mammoths I will blog extensively later tonight about all of the activities I will be engaged in while I am here and also about the show. If you haven't joined the facebook page please do so.

As always have fun on the range, stay near a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big News

Hey my fellow Mammoths I have big news. I will be going to Hilton Head Island and spending three glorious days at Hilton Head Health with the herd. I will be there giving a lecture on my episode and what I have done since I've left.

It occurs to me that some of you Mammoths may not know this but I was on reality TV on the show called Heavy on A&E. Short version: I left home for six months to drop weight. Did I do good? You be the judge this coming Monday. Also I will be on the Heavy Community site with my TV partner and Jackie on Tuesday at 10:15 am EST so if you have a question my herd mates fire away.

Lastly on May 1 something huge is going to happen herd mates. Mammoths I am very happy about this turn of events and it will change lives! So look for a big announcement and teasers on this blog.

As always Mammoths I will see you on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and mind what you are grazing on!

Another Couple of Logos

Here are three more!

What are your thoughts????

New Logo

So y'all I am messing around with a new logo. Here is my first attempt! Any feedback would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pictures of the Race

Hey Mammoths I have some pictures from the race I thought I would share. I will talk about what I am doing to recover and then reveal my plans for the future.

I could not do any of this without my biggest cheerleader, my wife Jackie! I love you sweetie and thanks for taking the pictures.

As always Mammoths have fun out there on the range, be close to a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snickers 1/2 Marathon Debrief

Well Mammoths the race is in the books. As Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." I think that describes my race rather well. I started off awesome, feeling good, very positive by the end I just wanted it over.
So Mammoths it was a perfect day for the larger runner. It was overcast so the sun was not beating down on me to badly and the heat index was warm but not oppressive. All in all it was the best type of day for me to be successful.
Well when the cannon went off Matt and I tore it up the first few miles. We were hitting our marks, I was well hydrated with my KamelBak, and I was taking my shots every thirty minutes. We were totally on track for a under 3 hour 1/2 and then the wheels fell off.
At 81/2 miles I was through. I tried to run 5/5, 4/6, 3/7, and finally 2/8 but I was exhausted and there was no way for me to get that energy back. I eat an extra packet, drank more water, but whatever I did was not enough. I was so tired but I knew that I could not nor would I quit. I live by the motto, "Its better to be Dead Last than DNF! Its a motto we should all live by Mammoths.
I finished but it was rough but I am never giving up. I learned a lot about myself on this race. I learned that I need to keep losing weight. I believe that I have an hour and a half around my midsection and that just has to go. I also learned that I need to get more informed about nutrition and not eat the pasta dinner served by the race, even though it went to charity, and just cook myself.
Well Mammoths I am pretty tired. Thanks for the cheers today, I really appreciated them. As always, I hope to see you out on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Night Before

Hey Mammoths, so its the night before the Snickers 1/2 Marathon and man am I ready to get after it. My knees feel great, my back feels great, all in all I feel awesome and I am ready for the challenge. I have my family with me and that is so awesome. It is so great to have your spouse behind you 100% when it comes to physical challenges like a 1/2 marathon. I couldn't do it without my support team!

So we went to the Expo and it was so small compared to the Expos I have seen in the past. Now granted this is the fifth year of the race but I was expecting more than just two booths. Jackie and I enjoyed the pasta bar but honestly I make a better sauce folks. Good thing that money went to charity.

I am in the hotel and am starting to quiet down for the evening. My next blog will be after the race.

As always Mammoths have fun on the range, find a good watering hole and stick close to it, and mind what you are grazing on.

The Packing List

So Mammoths I thought that I would walk you through what I take with me to a race and maybe explain some things that I have that you may not be familiar with.

So the very first thing I put in is my shoes. I can buy everything else but the shoes are irreplaceable!

The next thing are my toiletries. Toothbrush, paste, razor, you know the usual. Need to look good for that photo. Just kidding, no its just part of my ritual to shave my face.
The next thing that I put in the bag is my dri-fit shirt by Brooks. I will be wearing this and my MoWerks Try-Athletes shirt during the race. I love my Brooks shirt because it is designed specifically for this kind of event.
The next thing are my socks. I go with a cushioned sock by Balga to lessen the impact on my feet. They also wick away the moisture that builds up in your shoes. Great socks and for Mammoths a must have!

Of course you have to have shorts as well. I have chosen the Brooks again because of the comfort and support they give me when running.
I also like to wear an undershirt. This is my WoW BootCamp! shirt and it is sleeveless so I can slip on the other shirts with no problem. It also helps hold in my tummy and my heart rate monitor.
The heart rate monitor is a must if you are over 250 and running. Heck if you are over 35 I would highly suggest you get one. It is part of my essential gear.

Glide, Body Powder, Tiger Balm, and foot cream. All necessary to have a good race and after race. No one wants to go to the after race party chaffed. Trust me on this one folks.

Extra socks for after the race. You need to get your feet out of those old nasty socks as soon as the race is over to protect your feet.

The STICK is a must have for anyone who runs distance. It is an awesome way to stretch out your tired muscles and get you up in going again in no time.
Gel Packs and Beans are a must on long runs. Your body will use up energy out there on the course so you have to take time and replenish your loss of carbs and other essentials.
The CamelBak is an option. I use it because I dehydrate so quickly that I need to have it to keep my going. You may not though and with most races there is water ever two miles or so. The choice of using this is up to you.
Because I shave my head I chose to wear a bandanna to keep the sun out and also take away the sweat and keep it from getting into my eyes. Again this is an option but for me its a necessity.
Last but not least are my sunglasses, iPod and iPod arm strap, and my motivation bracelets. My sunglasses are glasses Jackie is letting me borrow because they are awesome running glasses. One day I will get my own but for now I can borrow hers. The iPod and iPod are strap are important to me because I use RunKeeper to keep my pace and my Nike+ to keep the peeps at home up to date on what I am doing. Last but not least are my motivation bracelets. When I get tired I look down at them and remember why I am running this race and it helps me get through the tough times on the course.

Well, that is my race bag. I close it up and I don't open it up until I am at my hotel. I am so pumped about the Snickers 1/2 Marathon!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Four Days til the Race and a Rant about the Clydesdale Division

Well we are four days out and I am thinking about what I am going to be packing in my race bag. I have a tradition for my long races, can you call it a tradition if you have only done it one time Mammoths? Anyway, I will pack my race bag tomorrow night. I will pack my shirts, my bandanna, my shoes, my socks, my Glide (if you aren't using Glide Mammoths then you need to invest because CHAFFING IS REAL), my undies, my gels and my CamelPack. I then close up my bag and the next time I open it up it will be race day. I am so excited! Tomorrow morning is my last pre-race taper ramble and then its off to Albany, GA for the Snickers Half Marathon. So if you are a Mammoth in the area of Albany please come by and check me, Jackie, Matt, and of course the mini-Mammoth Tilly out and say howdy.

Okay Mammoths its time to get political here. As most of you who have been following the news lately you have seen what is going on in Wisconsin. Out of this debate I am hearing a great deal about how things are "Unfair." Well Mammoths I have one thing to say about that! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS UNFAIR UNTIL YOU HAVE RUN A RACE WITHOUT A CLYDESDALE DIVISION! For those of you who don't know what the Clydesdale division is, I will briefly explain: The Clydesdale division is a recognition of the first, second, and third place finishers who are all over 200 pounds. Some races have a Clydesdale division and that is awesome, most however do not (un-awesome). To me this is so unfair it is not even funny. Now its not an Egypt toss out a dictator unfair, more of a Hey, I wanted spicy mustard on my sandwich and I got plain Frenchs on it kind of unfair. Annoying but you have to deal with it, well Mammoths I have decided that this shall not stand!

So I am going to start using my blog as a place for we Mammoths to have a voice. Now I know in the past that I have written about how the journey is important and that winning is not as important. On one level I totally believe that. I also know that it is extremely unfair to us larger runners to not have a chance at recognition for what we have accomplished. Especially when you think of just how much more of a sacrifice it is for the bigger runner. This past weekend I did a 5k in which I came in 4th in my age bracket. When I looked at the guys I competed against (and some I beat) I noticed that I was giving up 190 to 200 pounds and still putting in a decent time. If there had been a Clydesdale division I would have at least placed and gotten the recognition I deserve. To some of you this may seem childish but to myself, my Mammoths, and those who have rambled before us it is time for our sport to recognize our work ethic, dedication, and sacrifice.

Well now that I am fired up I have to get some rest. As always my Mammoths I hope to see you on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on.