Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart rate test. First day of Good Measure meals. WoW Boot Camp! Day 341

Hey Mammoths!

Well it has been an awesome but long, long day! Day started at 5 am with Boot Camp! with Michael and Tom Camp.. Tom decided that it would be good for us to maximize our core by beating the hell out of it and our shoulders. We started off with running three laps, then mat work, three more laps, some more mat work, and then finally three more laps and then a killer session of abs! I was lucky because the program Michael has me on had me walking this morning but my friends were not so lucky. It is hard though to watch them run off while I have to walk but I keep in mind the long term goals and that is what is important.

My next task was to do a heart test. Mammoths this was one of the toughest things I have ever done. The idea behind the test is to determine my fitness zones so we can best maximize my metabolism for the marathon. The test began with me warming up and I did a dynamic stretch for about ten minutes and a solid walk of five minutes before running. Now as my regular herd mates know I run a 6/4 split. So when I reached my first 6 minutes my heart rate was a 147, at 10 minutes it was 110, at 16 minutes 152, at 20 minutes 115, at 26 minutes it was 160, and 120 at the finish of the test at 30 minutes. I have submitted these results to Michael and he will get back with me on my zones and I will share the info with you my friendly Mammoths.

I got a bicycle today and it am looking forward to riding it to work! Saves on gas and ups my cardio! A win, win all the way around.

Today I also started using Good Measure Meals. Now I won't endorse a product I don't use and let me tell you I am going to be using the heck out of these meals. Now Mammoths y'all know that the reason I got into running was because it is the only sport where it is acceptable to have a snack in the middle of it, so food is very important to me. So when Michael and April suggested I try Good Measure Meals I was skeptical of it. In fact it took a good month for me to sign up but after today Mammoths I am a Good Measures Man! The day started out with a large slice of quiche and this baked apple and pecan goodness that almost made me call my mama and ask why she never made anything this good before. I then had an awesome yogurt and granola snack while at work. I came home for lunch and had the best broiled chicken Cobb salad anyone could want with a large red apple. My afternoon snack was a banana pastry that reminded me of these cakes I used to get as a kid. Finally, I had this rather tasty Indian dish that was vegetarian. It was good and filling but my favorite meal had to be breakfast. So I am now hooked on the Good Measure Meals and I will see what kind of deal I can get you my herd mates. No promises but if I can I will! Here are some photos of Breakfast and Lunch at the bottom of this blog!

Well my race schedule firmed up a bit today. My next race will be April 23. I will be participating in the Silver and Archibald Habitat for Humanity 5K. Then I will be doing the Warrior Dash in May. June is still wide open but myself and Mom-moth will be running in the PeachTree Road Race on July 4. It is all rather exciting!

Ok Mammoths I am calling it a day. Good rambles for me today. 5 miles in total so not to shabby! 341 to go! As always have fun on the range, stick close to a great watering hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on.

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