Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 339! Michael Williams bags himself a Mammoth and Other Oddities About Today! Plus A Challenge!

Mammoths this has been a really strange day for your main Mammoth. It started off like any other day. I got up at 4:55, got dressed, and went to Boot Camp! Today was diagnostic day so we ran an timed mile, pushups in a minute, and situps in a minute. I have done this a lot so this was not new for me. What was new was me coming in at 12 minutes. Now earlier I had come in 3 seconds faster but I am pleased with my consistent effort. I then knocked out 20 push ups and 40 situps, which I am very proud of. What threw me off was that we normally do this and then we call it a day, but not today. Michael is getting us ready for race season so we did a bunch of running drills like high knees, skips, and Frankensteins. After a timed mile this was kind of rough on the old Mammoth but I hung in there and did the best I could. So far this is just a little above normal but nothing to great. Well Mammoths that was all about to change.

I get home and have an awesome yogurt, fruit, granola, with a boiled egg on the side Good Measure Meals breakfast and leave for work. I notice that my battery light is on. Now Mammoths I drive a 10 year old Ford Expedition. I love Molly and she is so great for trips but she is getting a little old but hey I don't have a car payment which is awesome, especially with all of the traveling I will be doing this summer. Anyhow I get to work and make some sales calls and then its off to see my friend Art Archibald at Silver and Archibald to catch up and ask for some advice. After this highly productive meeting I get in Molly and proceed to 5 points, an area of Athens that is high class. As I come to a stop Mammoths, Molly dies. She won't turn over. I have to get out and push this massive SUV to a parking area. Thank God I have been working out because that was a huge chore but I got it done rather quickly. I called the Mom-moth and she came to the rescue! I then went to Pep Boys where they charged 343.00 for an alternator but I was promised that I would not have any more electrical issues with Molly. Mammoths this is not how my mornings usually go!

While Molly is getting worked on I head back to the house with the Baby Mammoth and we play a little and then have lunch. Again, Good Measure Meals came through with this awesome Chicken Salad and croissant roll. It also had an orange. What made the Chicken Salad was that it had grapes in it so it had a burst of flavor in each bite, Magnificent. The best part it was still under 500 calories and I was stuffed, which was good because of what happened next.

Now Mammoths Michael of WoW Boot Camp! has me on a tough training schedule. What I am attempting is serious business and so when I read that I had to get on the stationary bike for an hour I thought he was kidding. He wasn't! So Matt, my honorary Mammoth in Gazelles clothing, met me at the Omni and a way we went. About 15 minutes into it we both thought, THIS SUCKS! But we gutted it out and to be honest Mammoths I liked the way I felt when I was done! I burned a ton of calories, increased my cardiovascular capacity, and did not do any impact damage on my knees even though I rode for 16 miles. This was a real win for me! After the gym I picked up my fixed Molly, ordered my month's supply of Good Measure Meals, and saw my friend Natalie Camp picking up her Good Measure Meals at Ty's New Balance Store. It is great to know that people you respect, Natalie and Tom Camp are both big time runners and heroes of mine, are doing the same things you are doing to stay healthy and active. It is reaffirming Mammoths and sometimes I need that just like y'all. I then went and saw Matt and he showed me Crysis II for the PS3, two words OMG AWESOME! Just check out the first cut scene, it will blow you away.

After all of this I get home to a wonderful dinner of Turkey breast with cherry and cranberry sauce, over a bed of sweet potatoes, and a green bean casserole you would get for Thanksgiving! It was so good that I am hoping to get it again in the near future. Best part Mammoths it was under 500 calories again. With Good Measure Meals eating a 2100 calorie diet is really, really easy. I think the Mom-moth might be joining me soon on this!

All in all even though it was a weird day it was a good day. Best part of it was that I had the chance to comfort eat, because your car breaking down is stressful, but I used my strategies and I made it through without having to comfort eat. That is a huge step for me Mammoths.

So the Mom-moth came up with a good idea and I think we are going to do it. I am asking all of you Mammoths, friends of Mammoths, and Gazelles to move for thirty minutes, each day, for the next 30 days. April has 30 days in it so from Tomorrow until the end of the month I just want you to get up and do something. It can be anything. You could walk your dog, go for a bike ride, lift bags of potting soil and garden. Anything you want to do but it has to be movement and it has to total 30 minutes each day. So if you take 2 15 minute walks then you have met the challenge. When you meet the challenge post it on my FB fan page and encourage other Mammoths to do it and keep up the hard work.

So Mammoths you have a challenge now! 30 minutes for 30 days and then post it on the Woolly Mammoth Runner FB fan page. I will be starting tomorrow and I haven't decided what I will do yet but I am leaning for a nice family walk in the evening here in Athens. Well Mammoths it is about time I end our herd chat for tonight.

As always enjoy your rambles on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on. (On that note I am posting a picture of what I grazed on tonight. Sorry Shirley but folks want to see it and I am sorry it makes you hungry and want to move here. :)  )

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