Friday, March 4, 2011

The Night Before

Hey Mammoths, so its the night before the Snickers 1/2 Marathon and man am I ready to get after it. My knees feel great, my back feels great, all in all I feel awesome and I am ready for the challenge. I have my family with me and that is so awesome. It is so great to have your spouse behind you 100% when it comes to physical challenges like a 1/2 marathon. I couldn't do it without my support team!

So we went to the Expo and it was so small compared to the Expos I have seen in the past. Now granted this is the fifth year of the race but I was expecting more than just two booths. Jackie and I enjoyed the pasta bar but honestly I make a better sauce folks. Good thing that money went to charity.

I am in the hotel and am starting to quiet down for the evening. My next blog will be after the race.

As always Mammoths have fun on the range, find a good watering hole and stick close to it, and mind what you are grazing on.

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