Friday, March 4, 2011

The Packing List

So Mammoths I thought that I would walk you through what I take with me to a race and maybe explain some things that I have that you may not be familiar with.

So the very first thing I put in is my shoes. I can buy everything else but the shoes are irreplaceable!

The next thing are my toiletries. Toothbrush, paste, razor, you know the usual. Need to look good for that photo. Just kidding, no its just part of my ritual to shave my face.
The next thing that I put in the bag is my dri-fit shirt by Brooks. I will be wearing this and my MoWerks Try-Athletes shirt during the race. I love my Brooks shirt because it is designed specifically for this kind of event.
The next thing are my socks. I go with a cushioned sock by Balga to lessen the impact on my feet. They also wick away the moisture that builds up in your shoes. Great socks and for Mammoths a must have!

Of course you have to have shorts as well. I have chosen the Brooks again because of the comfort and support they give me when running.
I also like to wear an undershirt. This is my WoW BootCamp! shirt and it is sleeveless so I can slip on the other shirts with no problem. It also helps hold in my tummy and my heart rate monitor.
The heart rate monitor is a must if you are over 250 and running. Heck if you are over 35 I would highly suggest you get one. It is part of my essential gear.

Glide, Body Powder, Tiger Balm, and foot cream. All necessary to have a good race and after race. No one wants to go to the after race party chaffed. Trust me on this one folks.

Extra socks for after the race. You need to get your feet out of those old nasty socks as soon as the race is over to protect your feet.

The STICK is a must have for anyone who runs distance. It is an awesome way to stretch out your tired muscles and get you up in going again in no time.
Gel Packs and Beans are a must on long runs. Your body will use up energy out there on the course so you have to take time and replenish your loss of carbs and other essentials.
The CamelBak is an option. I use it because I dehydrate so quickly that I need to have it to keep my going. You may not though and with most races there is water ever two miles or so. The choice of using this is up to you.
Because I shave my head I chose to wear a bandanna to keep the sun out and also take away the sweat and keep it from getting into my eyes. Again this is an option but for me its a necessity.
Last but not least are my sunglasses, iPod and iPod arm strap, and my motivation bracelets. My sunglasses are glasses Jackie is letting me borrow because they are awesome running glasses. One day I will get my own but for now I can borrow hers. The iPod and iPod are strap are important to me because I use RunKeeper to keep my pace and my Nike+ to keep the peeps at home up to date on what I am doing. Last but not least are my motivation bracelets. When I get tired I look down at them and remember why I am running this race and it helps me get through the tough times on the course.

Well, that is my race bag. I close it up and I don't open it up until I am at my hotel. I am so pumped about the Snickers 1/2 Marathon!!!

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