Monday, March 28, 2011

Training Begins With The First Step: Day 342

Hey Mammoths.

So today I began the journey of 1000 miles (well really 26.2) and I am really jazzed about it. I will be eating clean with Good Measure Meals and I am using Training Peaks to keep track of my progress. I am 342 days away from my first full marathon and like I said earlier I am really excited about it.

Today's training was a cross training day. I had to ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes. I put it at a level 10 and just went for it. Now Mammoths I have a confession to make, I hate the stationary bicycle more than anything else in the world! I find it really, really boring and I was stuck in front of reruns of How I Met Your Mother (only god part is Neil Patrick Harris and that red headed girl likes to kiss other girls) so I was kind of in exercise hell. It did give me time to try out my new Nike Boom App and man was that the coolest. As I started to slack off a bit Wayne Rooney (striker for Manchester United-and if I had to tell you this we may have to have a chat about the importance of soccer in my life) telling me to keep going and push for it. I thought that was awesome since my last Nike App had Tracey Morgan in it. Not that I am hating on Tracey Morgan but I really wanted Lance Armstrong or someone who is an athlete to cheer me on.

I then had an event at UGA where I showed my Heavy episode and had the opportunity to speak to people. Michael and April from Boot Camp were there and Michael gave me an awesome introduction. Big shout outs to my friend Matt Hewett who brought his whole family, my partner Mike Orey and his son Drew for coming by, and a whole lot of other people who were so sweet to take time out of their lives to come. And a huge thank you to Tonia Dousay who set it all up, made posters, and was the general awesome person she is, Thanks again so much.

Well Mammoths I have an early start tomorrow with a big heart test followed by Boot Camp, can't wait!!! As always have fun out there on the range, keep close to a good watering hole, and watch what your grazing on!

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  1. Way to go Mark. I just saw your show again, it was after Sallie's and Chad's, they did great eh? I love how you have made fitness an integral part of your life. I hope you continue to give talks etc, it's an amazing story