Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer of Sub 3 and TNT Donations

Hey Mammoths really quickly I wanted to alert you to a couple of things. I have decided to dedicate this Summer as the Summer of Sub 3. Now Bob, Adam, Jeff, and Amber spent a lot of time telling us that the numbers will come and that sometimes setting a number goal can be detrimental. Well, I am going to ignore that advice for a bit and declare that on Labor Day of this year I will weigh in under 300 lbs. That is my goal. I don't have any silly bets or anything but I am determined to be there and with the help of my family and prayer I will do it.

Lastly, the Mommoth and I have set up our TNT website for giving towards our fundraising. You will see in the upper right hand corner a widget that will take you to the site. If you want to donate, AWESOME! If you want to participate then send me an email to woollymammothrunner@gmail.com so I can get you the info you need to train and run with us in Savannah.

Night Mammoths. More updates to follow!

Day 276: Backwards Running Mammoths May Fall

Yo Mammoths.

Had a great workout this morning with my herd-mates at WoW Boot Camp! Michael and Tom always have something cooked up for us and today was an especially difficult welcome back workout for your favorite Mammoth.

After we warmed up with some dynamic stretching we had to do a circuit of exercises. Each cone on the track represented a different exercise. We started off with doing 5 of each exercise, then 10, then 15! After the 15 we then had to do some agility drills on the field and that is where the wheels almost came off for me. So I am cruising through this exercise when I have to run backwards. Now Mammoths just don't do backwards but being a sport I will try anything. The first time through I am a ROCK STAR! The next time through I was almost the Hindenburg as I was about to crash and burn. Fortunately I regained my balance and composure but for a second my Mammoths it was close. When we finished the agility drills three times we then went and started the circuits over again starting at 15 and working our way down. By the end of the time I had strode 2+ miles with a ton of exercises in between. I know that I lost like 90 pounds of water weight because I came home and looked like Beef Jerky. I also drank Lake Lanier and was still thirsty all day.

All the moaning and trunk wagging aside it was great to be back with my herd-mates and be around really positive people whose goals are the same as mine. It was also good to be around Michael again because he brings out the best in you, even when you know you can't do it Michael is there to show you how.

I am also very excited about getting back to my Good Measure Meals and eating clean again. Like I said yesterday I ate for comfort and when talking to Bob Wright at H3 today he said that was a normal reaction. He said what was new for me was that I did not say, "Oh Well I have failed, lets go to the China Buffet." I looked at the situation, recognized it for what it was, and have readjusted. I will succeed at this, if you don't believe me, then you don't know me.

Alright Mammoths I need to spend some time with the Mommoth so I will check in with you tomorrow. I hope that you have fun on the range tomorrow, stick close to a good watering hole (especially now that we are in summer), and as always mind what you are grazing on.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 277: Catching Up After Losing A Member of the Herd

Hey Mammoths. Some sad news here at Mammoth Central. I lost my Grandfather as he succumbed to old age. Now there is nothing better in life than to live and live to the maximum. Well that sums up my Granddad pretty well. CB Bragg was known as a dependable man, a man of character, and a man of class. I aspire to be like him in so many ways. He inspired me to join the military and when I was having a rough time he wrote me a letter I still have to this day. In the letter he said to me that the difference between a retreat and a route is that with a retreat you intend to reform, regroup, and fight again. With a route you are just whipped! I use those words a lot in my own life and struggle with weight. I would be lying to you if I said I did not eat for comfort while I was a the funeral but those words kept echoing in my ear. So after my retreat I came home, got on my running shoes, and did six miles. I know Granddad would be proud.

Well Mammoths I have successfully navigated my way out of any 5ks for this month. The Mommoth and I were planning on doing so many but it just seemed fate conspired against us to often and maybe that is for the best seeing how we did three in April. So we are looking to do one early in June and then we need to prepare for our PeachTree Adventure! We have a room already in Midtown (Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow) and my Mom is going to be watching the Baby Mammoth so it should be an awesome fourth of July!

Team In Training (TNT-I'd call it TIT for obvious reasons and hey guys give a lot of money for that kind of thing but I am a little crude) starts up this month and we are going to be raising money. If you have any ideas for fundraisers me and the Mommoth are all about hearing about them!

Lastly the contest for the Logo is still happening. You have a little over three weeks to get in your entry. Just email it here woollymammothrunner@gmail.com enter as often as you like! Hey who knows where this can lead you.

Cheers Mammoths and thanks for the emails and letters of love and affection. Granddad lived an awesome life and was a true inspiration to me. So I hope to see you out on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 286: Mammoths and Mexicans Storming the Alamo Before Dawn

Bienvenidos Mammoths!

So I had a business trip to San Antonio and man what a great time. There is nothing like running in a city you don't live in. It is a great way to see what is around you which in turn lets you know what is happening. My first run around San Antonio happened on Wednesday morning when I woke up really early and ran on the River Walk. Now if you are not familiar with San Antonio it is where the Alamo is and also has a famous River Walk which is lined with hotels, shopping, and restaurants. By getting out there early I was able to see what was where and I was able to do some bargain shopping for the Mommoth and the Baby Mammoth. I was also able to see where I could eat healthy and also authentic. I mean I am in the heart of Tex-Mex culture so getting some of those types of foods was on my list of things to try. Now being a food addict I have to be careful when I go out of town because I have a tendency to overeat because I am nervous. One thing I have learned is that if you ask a kitchen to do something they will 9 time out of 10 do it. So when we got Tex-Mex I asked if there was anyway I could get things baked not fried, salsa instead of dressing, and a salad instead of french fries.

It was a great trip and I loved running. Sorry this is short Mammoths but this is a busy weekend. Will blog after the Rucker 5k tomorrow. So I hope to see you on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always be mindful of what you are grazing on.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 290: A Mammoth Gets Twisted and the does his Dumbo Impression

Greetings from San Antonio Mammoths!

So I am here on business and man what a great city. I am so looking forward to getting out on to the River Walk and put in some mileage. What is so great Mammoths is that I can get out and enjoy this beautiful city. A year ago I would have been stuck in my hotel, heck I probably wouldn't even have come here.

So Michael and Tom from WoW Boot Camp! came up with an awesome new way to try and kill us today. It was called the WoW Twisted Challenge. Imagine Mammoths running one lap around the track (not to bad I grant you), then ten sit-ups, push-ups, Atomic squats (okay those suck), and finally ten mountain climbers. Not to bad of a work out and something manageable but this is Michael and there is always a twist (hence the twisted part). We then had to do Inch Worm, this entails you going down into the push-up position, stretch out, and then move your feet toward your hand. You repeat this over and over until you go 50 yards (feels like fifty miles) and then once you do that you get to run hills 5 times. AWESOME! Then do another lap around the track and begin the process again but this time do twenty of the exercises, inch worm, and hills. One more lap, followed by thirty of the exercises and 5 more hills. Finally, One more lap, 30 of the exercises, inch worm, 5 hills, and then just one more lap! Mammoths this is one of the toughest workouts I have ever done and it felt good to finish all of that in 42 minutes. Again flashing back a year there would have been no way I could have done any of this stuff, never mind finishing as quickly as I did.

Seriously though Mammoths one of the best feelings in the world for me is to be able to fly for MoWerks. I am in San Antonio on business and am so happy I can get on the plane and fly! It is so great to be able to sit in the seat and go to different cities. I love to fly and now I can.

Okay Mammoths I will blog some more later today. I have to go meet with some folks so as always I hope you enjoy your ramble on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and mind what you are grazing on.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 291: The Problem of Elctrolytes

Greetings Mammoths!

So last week I was really down in the mouth. For the first time ever I missed a Boot Camp! It was Tuesday morning and I just couldn't get out of bed. Now normally I am all fired up and ready to go but for some reason I just could not get out of the rack. We had a Mammoth down and fir the life of me I had no idea what was wrong with me. So being the nervous Nelson that I am I put in a call to Michael Williams and we scheduled a coffee. During the coffee he and I looked over my training schedule and we found the problem almost immediately.

Now here in Georgia it is getting hot. So the Saturday before last I got up and did the WoW Boot Camp/ New Balance Run where the WoW folks got to try on these really cool light weight shoes the 890s and boy were people saying how great they were. Now Mammoths I wanted to try on a pair but my gargantuan 14 inch foot was a little bit more man sized than Ty and his crew were prepared for so I had to look on with envy. On that Saturday I posted a three mile run in 42 minutes and was feeling great especially since I was in Zone 1. In felt great all day, went and watched my man Aiden score three goals, and had a great Saturday with friends. Sunday I did a hour loosen up walk and prepared for the four miler I was going to do on Monday...this is where the wheels fall off for your favorite Mammoth.

It being a Monday I was going to go and exercise early when I got an email that said I needed to get into the office ASAP to handle a mini crisis. So I put off my run until that evening. Now during the day it hit 90+ degrees outside and I knew that I would need to wear my KamelBack to keep myself hydrated. So I got my route ready, filled up my KamelBack, and proceeded to go run. Around mile 2 I started feeling horrible, I couldn't focus, and I wanted to throw up. Classic signs of heat exhaustion and I should have gone in but this old Mammoth is stubborn as heck so I continued on. By the time I was finished I was completely wiped out. I could barely get myself into the shower and when I ate my Good Measure Meal I could feel the nutrients going straight to my muscles. Little did I know just how much I had depleted my system. Because of my bullheadedness I had robbed myself of important electrolytes and being a Mammoth runner you have to have those electrolytes or your system is going to shut down. During my talk with Michael he explained to me the importance of electrolyte replacement and how I need to make sure I was doing that before, during, and after my run. I explained all of this to Mommoth and she went on the net and found a recipe for a drink that was small calorie and would replace my electrolytes. So we decided to try the concoction out this past Saturday as I had a four and a half mile zone 1&2 run. The drink worked and I posted my best time ever. 4 1/2 miles in 1 hour 9 minutes!!! So the moral of the story here is keep yourself hydrated but also check those electrolytes.

I finally got around to fixing my bike and so starting next week I will be riding my bike to work which will increase my cardio vascular work and I am very excited about that. The Mommoth and I have started a Team in Training Team for the Savannah 1/2 and Full Marathon. If you are interested in working with us then drop me a line and I will get you hooked up. I will also be setting up a separate blog post about TNT and how you can help me and the Mommoth reach our fundraising goals.

Leaving for San Antonio tomorrow Mammoths so I will be running and blogging from the Alamo! So be safe out there and I hope to see you on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Design! Thank You Aiden!!!

So I am thinking that I need to have my own logo. I also want to start a clothing line for Mammoths. Right now there is very little out there for us. So I need help. My friend Aiden (who is Gazelle Matt's progeny) drew me this awesome picture and told me that I should keep moving because I am doing AWESOME! Really nice to get an atta-boy from a young fella. So I am laying the challenge down. Email me your design at woollymammothrunner@gmail.com and the winner will get a free shirt, a free hat, and your design matted-framed and signed by the Woolly Mammoth Runner. Entries must be submitted by June 30 with the winner being announced on July 4 after the Peachtree Road Race.

Good Luck and send in those logo design ideas to woollymammothrunner@gmail.com

Day 301: When a Mammoth Falls By Himself Does Anyone Hear It? HECK, YES THEY DO!!!

Greetings Mammoths. Your herd leader has had a truly Charles Dickens past week: It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. (My English teacher Lynn Lightner will be very pleased with this opening)

Well as you all know I was off to stomp around Chicago. I had myself scheduled for a running tour of Chicago and participate in my very own Spirit of the Marathon. I was so excited about living up to my healthy lifestyle in Chicago with the only draw back being I did not have my Good Measure Meals with me. Michael from WoW Boot Camp had me a schedule and I was so psyched to be running 4 miles, a part of it being the Miracle Mile that I just read about in Devil in the White City. All of this I had planned and I was ready to execute. I got to my hotel room, I laid out my clothes, downloaded a GPS app so I won't get lost, and downloaded Chicago by Sinatra--I am ready. Then it happened. Uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever. I was a victim of the Rotovirus and man does it suck! I spent two days in my hotel room praying for death! I was sacrificing whatever I could to the Mammoth Gods above to make me feel better, nothing worked. I called home to find the Mommoth has the same thing going on with her and that the Grand Mommoth has come down from Baltimore to help out. This is a nightmare! Again though Mammoths I look at my weight loss as a blessing because once again I healed up rather quickly and was able to participate in the Twilight 5k on Saturday.

So we get to registration on Friday night. I am excited because this is one of those races that my friends at WoW Boot Camp do and I was so pumped about being a part of it. So I go to the table to get my number when this volunteer named Goober (not his real name) looks at me and says, "Can I help you?" "Yes, I am here to pick up my race packet." "Um, you are going to run?! Sure you can do this big fella?" Needless to say Mammoths at this point I am contemplating introducing my right stomping foot to his rear end but I remember my breathing techniques, give him my name, and swear that somehow this slight will be avenged! Next day the weather holds nicely, it is a beautiful morning to run. As I am warming up I see Goober talking with his buddies and he looks over in my direction, smirks, and says something witty to his buddies. It is at this time I begin to focus. I don't care what I do, I will find Goober and defeat him! The race starts and I am doing awesome. My splits are really fast and I am operating in low Zone 2 and keeping my determination high. Now Mammoths you know that you always game plan your course and I had done my homework. I knew that right after 1 mile we would turn on to Boulevard which is a very hilly section of our town. If I was ever going to get Goober it was going to be there. As I turn I see Goober and man oh man he is struggling up the hill. Near the crest of the hill on our way down I pull up along side Goober. He sees me and you can tell that he is not having a good time. He is wheezing, snot is hanging out his nose, and his gait is really off. I ask if he is okay, he waves his affirmative, and I continue talking to him as we start up hill number 2. I tell him that this is my favorite part of running, hills. That my friend Michael has really worked with me on being stronger and that operating in Zone 2 is a great place to be because you can talk and enjoy the run. I then tell Goober that the worst of the hills is still yet to come but after that we only have a general rise until we get to Hancock street which is another impressive hill to climb. His groan is loud and satisfying. As we go up the third hill I tell Goober that I need to get back up into low Zone 2 so I need to say goodbye and I will see him at the finish line. I then take off like a shot and yes I enter Zone 3 for a second or two but damn that felt good. I crossed the finish line at 42:03, a new personal best. Goober 45:12! I guess next time he won't doubt the power of the Mammoth.

Well Mammoths I have some other little running stories I will share over the weekend but right now the Baby Mammoth needs me to rock her to sleep so I am off to do it. Tomorrow I hope to see you all out on the range (its going to be a beautiful Saturday here in the Classic City), stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on.