Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer of Sub 3 and TNT Donations

Hey Mammoths really quickly I wanted to alert you to a couple of things. I have decided to dedicate this Summer as the Summer of Sub 3. Now Bob, Adam, Jeff, and Amber spent a lot of time telling us that the numbers will come and that sometimes setting a number goal can be detrimental. Well, I am going to ignore that advice for a bit and declare that on Labor Day of this year I will weigh in under 300 lbs. That is my goal. I don't have any silly bets or anything but I am determined to be there and with the help of my family and prayer I will do it.

Lastly, the Mommoth and I have set up our TNT website for giving towards our fundraising. You will see in the upper right hand corner a widget that will take you to the site. If you want to donate, AWESOME! If you want to participate then send me an email to woollymammothrunner@gmail.com so I can get you the info you need to train and run with us in Savannah.

Night Mammoths. More updates to follow!

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