Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 275: National Running Day and Team in Training Day

Greetings Mammoths and Mommoths. I am hearing that some of the lady followers of the blog like the Mommoth moniker so if you want to use it feel free, we are an egalitarian herd here.

So it was National Running day and I like every other runner in the United States took a moment to consider our running. I am very pleased with my progress from a year ago. Even though I was at Hilton Head Health I was still really in no condition to do what I am doing now. The idea of six miles would have been to daunting of a task. Now I look forward to that time out there on the range and feel comfortable doing it. So that is what I did on National Running day, most people ran but seeing how Michael from WoW Boot Camp! had me resting today I thought that I would heed his advice.

Mammoths I want to start biking to work. With gas prices being WAY OUT OF WHACK for my wallet and the fact that it is another way to get in some exercise I thought this would be a good way to get it done. My biggest dilemma at the moment is that my front wheel has a huge hole in it, so I am taking it to the bike man tomorrow to get it fixed and then I will ride the four miles home in the evening. The only thing that I have a real problem with is that I have to wear a helmet. The Mommoth insists that I wear a helmet but it messes with my beautiful fur but I will acquiesce just to maintain peace in the herd.

The Mommoth and I had our first Team In Training (TNT) meeting tonight. All two members were present. We discussed fundraising opportunities and have come up with some pretty cool ideas. One idea we have will be the most AWESOME FUNDRAISER EVER!!! If you want to get in on the ground floor and donate now you can go to our Team Woolly Mammoth Runner Page to give us a donation. If you don't know what Team In Training is check out their TNT WEBSITE HERE for more information.

Well Mammoths its been a wonderful National Running Day but now its time to say good night. Have fun out there on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on. 

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