Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 274: When Mammoths Run A 5 Mile an Hour Pace, People Pay Attention Especially When You Are Trying to Balance Right Next To Them

Salutations Mammoths.

So today at WoW Boot Camp! we had our monthly diagnostic test. Now there is nothing more that I fear than taking these tests. Even when I was in the Army I hated the AFPT because it was not an accurate glimpse of who I am. For instance if I am having a bad morning or I didn't sleep well the night before (mostly because I am worried about the test) then I am not going to do well and that can be problematic. Fortunately when I never failed a PT test but this morning I had that same old feeling. As I got up to the start line for the timed mile I was a lot more nervous than usual. Most times I get up to the line my friend Art cracks a joke and I am good to go--not today! Art cracked his joke, which was really funny and you need the context and that would take the rest of the blog so I will pass, just take my word on it it was funny, and I stood there rooted to the spot dreading to hear Michael say, "GO!", with the Rocky theme playing. It was then that I heard Michael's voice in my head saying rather Yoda like, "Trust your training." So I did. Now Mammoths this wasn't my best run ever but it was an important run for me because I did trust in my training. With Lee, Alonzo, Mark D, David D, Javier, and all the other guys cheering me on I reached deep inside and pulled out a 12:38. I thought that was a PR but it isn't, however that matters very little. What matters is that I trusted my training and even though I did not feel up to the challenge my strength and endurance go me through.

After our tests of push-ups (20) and sit-ups (51) we moved into doing some weight training. Now Mammoths I need you to envision this. We are all standing there with our hand weights in our hands and we are trying to balance on one leg while doing the exercises. It was the craziest thing I have done in a long, long time. Now the balance is important but I just looked goofy, which is okay because I was trying and that is the point. I did feel like Ralph Machio in the Karate Kid when they are doing the Crane Position on the poles but that is just my over active imagination.

The Mommoth and I are getting ourselves geared up for Team In Training. We have put out the call for ideas for fundraisers. One of the fundraisers will be later this month at Play N Trade. My main man Matt, honorary Mammoth because he is gazelle like, has said it is cool to have an event there. I will post more about it as time goes by. Also if you are interested in joining our team you need to contact me at soon because time is almost out and if you want to make some memories with the herd this is a good way to do it. Keep yourself posted to the blog folks because some coolness is about to go down.

Lastly, I am asking all of you who read my blog to tell at least one person you know about it. While I was eating lunch today I noticed just how overweight we have become. So I am asking you to tell one person if I am inspiring you to read my blog and ask questions. I am available to answer them through email, FaceBook, or any way I can to help someone.

Tomorrow I want to talk about the new food "pyramid" and my take on article that just came out about running and dieting that is in Prevention Magazine and republished by 55 minute run in the morning so I hope to see you out on the range, stick close to a good watering hole (especially now that we are in summer), and as always be mindful of what you are grazing on.

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