Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 268: Mammoth on the Move Come Rain or Shine

What up Mammoths? I hope this finds you well. Myself? I am having an awesome week.

Its GameWerks week and it's a time I get to spend with kids who live video games almost as much as I do. Video gaming has always been and will always be a passion of mine, so getting to spend a week with kids who want learn more about Themis awesome. The eating has been challenge. We've had pizza (sponsored by Papa Johns), we've had La Parrilla Fajitas (best in Athens-thanks Alonzo mi amigo), and today we were sponsored McDonalds. It's been tough on a Mammoth but I have been able to keep myself above water, mostly by distracting myself with games. I have had a cookie here and there but nothing like the food fests I used to have back in the day. This Mammoth is working hard to mind what he is grazing on.

I was also thinking about just how much being thinner means. Two years ago I was exhausted after each day of camp. I would come home and pass out. This year I have so much energy that I feel the need to go, go GO! One kid asked me today if I had an off button. I told him Mammoths only know one speed- fast. He then pointed out to me that Mammoths are slow so I put in NBA 2011 and schooled him on how to deal with older members of the herd! TAKE THAT YOUNG'IN!!!!

Working out has been a challenge this week. Mostly in the realm of finding time to get it in. At H3 Adam Martin taught a class on Exercise Adherence in which he said you need to pick a time to do your exercise and stick with it. I mostly workout in the mornings and when I have WoW-BootCamp! it makes it easy to keep my routine but mornings like this one make it hard to comply. I was just really tired when my alarm went off at 5 am so I made the executive decision to rest until 7 & those two hours made a world of difference in how my day went today. I still had to get in my 5 miles today so I loaded up the Mommoth and Baby Mammoth and we hit the Greenway Space here in Athens. My little herdvgets about a mile into the walk when we get caught up in a microburst of showers. Rain is falling everywhere, wind is whipping around, and the Moommoth and I are trying to get the Baby Mammoth back to the car. We finally get back to the car when it dawns on me I have three more miles to go. I kiss the Mommoth an tell her to meet me in three miles and I take off for downtown which is mostly uphill. Now Mammoths three summers ago I tried to walk from the University of Georgia to my house at about this same time and I almost died. Today, no problems in fact as I looked at my stats I saw that the hilliest part of run was my fastest. Respectively I knocked off three minutes of my pace in the final two miles of my walk. By the time I reached the rendezvous spot I was ready to RICE and hydrate-and of course blog. I am pretty proud of myself at the moment.

Well Mammoths all pride is fleeting and I have an early Boot Camp tomorrow so I am going to bed. I hope to see you out on the range rambling about, stay close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on.

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