Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 247: What Are You Sacrificing?

Hey Mammoths! Long time no chat but your main Mammoth has been swamped with work and I had to make a choice, blog or work out. You see the choice I made! Its been an exciting twelve days though. My highly popular GameWerks program for kids concluded last Friday and it is probably the best three weeks of my life.

Then today I had 11 Alive News  at the Mammoth home to interview myself and the Mommoth about our upcoming Peach Tree run. I am so excited about the run, this being my first and the Mommoth's 7th, that I was overjoyed when I got the call that they wanted to come out and film us. So Ken Hamilton came out and interviewed us and then for an hour I had to run up and down my street here in Athens so he could get footage of the Mammoth stomp! Ken was a really great guy and I am glad that he came out to film us. The Baby Mammoth of course stole the show and was cute as ever in her smocked outfit, all dolled up for the Fourth of July (my favorite holiday by the way.)

So Michael from WoW Boot Camp and I had a coffee about a week ago and he asked me a question that has hung with me and thought I would share. "What are you sacrificing to make this run happen?" To be honest I had never thought of this in this way. We all make sacrifices to do things, that is called Opportunity Cost, but what am I doing to further my running goals. What sacrifices to the run Gods to I need to continue to make so that way I achieve my goal of 26.2? So I have been toiling with this notion for the past few days. So this is what I have come up with. The first one is beer! Now for those of you who know me beer is an essential part of my diet. Heck it was the 5 food group through most of college. I was king of the Mammoth Funnel but now it gets in the way of my goal. So I offer this one up to the run Gods as my first sacrifice. The second sacrifice is my sleep in time on Saturday. Now I normally get up around 5 am every morning but Saturdays I liked to sleep in until 8 am, well no longer. I will sleep in on March 12, 2012 but until that time I am going to be pushing through. My last sacrifice will be my car. From now on if it is feasible to do I will either walk or bike to work. This will allow me to continue growing my aerobic engine and allow me to get faster. Those are my sacrifices Mammoths, what are willing to give up to accomplish your goals?

Well Mammoths I need to sign out. For the rest of the week I will be signing in and discussing the upcoming Peach Tree Road Race in Atlanta. Tomorrow I will talk about my game plan and how I plan to run the race. So be careful out there roaming the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on!

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  1. Another great post Mark! I am so geared up for Monday. I sacrifice time without a doubt when it comes to keeping up with training. I sacrifice sleep and have to hit that early bed time. I am willing to give up most if not all of anything to reach Kona someday!!! The one thing I will never sacrifice is the relationships Ive built, my amazing H3 alumni and no doubt family first. Reuniting forces shortly brother!