Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 259: I Knee'd New Knees!

Salutations my Mammoths!

Been a tough 9 days for your favorite Mammoth. Well actually its been the past 4 days that have been the toughest with my knees deciding that they wanted to be the most painful thing on the planet, EVER!!! I have actually had to take some of the old Voltarian steroid gel to help ease the pain and it has but it sucks that for the past two days I have not been able to exercise. Fortunately though they feel better today and tomorrow I am going to go on a slow walk for three or so miles to get them back into fighting shape. I am two weeks out from my first Peach Tree so I want to be ready to go. I am so pumped about the race and what I am going to be doing there. My mom will be there to take care of the Baby Mammoth and the Mommoth is going to join me out there. This is all terribly exciting for the Mammoth and I can't wait to get my picture taken as I cross the finish line!!!

So once again I have learned of another defeat in my bid to make the world a better place for Mammoth Runners ( I hate the word Clysdale-who wants to be a workhorse when you could be a Bad Ass Mammoth out there stomping things!). There will be no Mammoth or Athena division at either the Athens nor the Savannah 1/2 this year. I am getting a little irritated at this especially when I look at how the demographic of the sport has changed. True, the sport is dominated by Gazelles and will always be but there is a growing minority of runners who are 200+ for men and 160+ for women. It is unfair and unrealistic for me to think that I can compete with runners like Michael Williams, Jeff Ford, or Karno for that matter! I am urging the organizers of these races to rethink their position on this issue for the 2012 runs. I am a realist and understand that this cannot happen this year but there is no reason why it can't happen for the 2012 race!

Other than the knee stuff the training is going well. I am able to do six miles with little difficulty and am looking forward to upping the mileage in the days to come. My bike is fixed and ready for me to ride it to work and boot camp. I am so excited about having my bike and being healthy enough to ride it to work.

Tomorrow is a Toshiro run. We are meeting at 7 am so if you are in Athens why not come out and join us. I will be doing a slow three so if you want to come out and ramble with me feel free. So I hope to see you Mammoths out on the range, with this heat make sure you stick to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on!

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