Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 246: Tempo Was Something I Learned In Music Class: Wasn't Good At It Then, Not Good At It Now!

Salutations Mammoths.

So this is a special twofer edition of the WMR blog! I wanted to spend a moment on today's work out. Now as most of you know I am a disciple of Michael Williams and WoW Boot Camp and I have been following his directions as I prepare for the ultimate Mammoth challenge, the FULL MARATHON. Well on top of that I have teamed up with Team In Training to raise money to fight cancer and run a 1/2 marathon in Savannah the first weekend in November. So far I have followed Michael's work out schedule to the letter, mostly because I trust him with my life so I know that he has my best interest at heart and he knows me and my capabilities. Now that doesn't mean my TNT trainer isn't any good, in fact the Mommoth loves her training schedule which for the most part is exactly like Michaels--which brings us to todays work out.

So Michael had me doing a Level 2 heart rate run for 45 minutes and the TNT workout today was a tempo run for 35 minutes. So being the genius that I am I decided to say, "Hey I can do both workouts and make everybody happy." It was a good plan but the execution was terrible!

Now first I must confess that I am a gym snob. I love the YMCA but their equipment is a little substandard to what I am used too. It still works great but for a Mammoth there can be issues. The biggest issue I have is that the hand rails were made for my old roommate on Heavy, Tim, who is a little person. I mean I would get a full stride going and then BAM I would hit the stop button! Totally annoying! Next the cardio room was like working out in the La Pa kitchen on Friday night in August. It was hot! (How hot was it!!!) It was so hot that if I had not been wearing any underwear I would have been doing some crotch pot cooking (drum rim shot please, I am here all week, tip your waitress.) Lastly, I had the Cubs (hate baseball on TV, nothing more boring) and Glenn Beck on the only two TVs in my line of sight. So I am unhappy in my surroundings. Now add in a tempo run where when we hit mile two I had to sprint for two minutes (Heart rate zone 3 for those playing along at home) and then back it down for two minutes and you can see my problems. Next time I am just sticking with Michael's plan. It was a great work out but the starts and stops were really, really annoying.

Alright Mammoths I am 5 days away from my first Peachtree and I am so excited. My man Jeff Ford from H3 will be running as will some of my fellow cast mates from Heavy! It is going to be great to be reunited with my good friends and I look forward to collecting my tshirt. If you are wondering about when the interview will air it will be on Monday night at 8 pm on Channel 11. I wore my white WoW Boot Camp shirt and I look amazing! Sorry but a Mammoth has to raise his trunk sometimes!

Well its off to bed. Rest day tomorrow and then its the big weekend before the race. I hope that you have success rambling on the range, stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on.

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