Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 276: Backwards Running Mammoths May Fall

Yo Mammoths.

Had a great workout this morning with my herd-mates at WoW Boot Camp! Michael and Tom always have something cooked up for us and today was an especially difficult welcome back workout for your favorite Mammoth.

After we warmed up with some dynamic stretching we had to do a circuit of exercises. Each cone on the track represented a different exercise. We started off with doing 5 of each exercise, then 10, then 15! After the 15 we then had to do some agility drills on the field and that is where the wheels almost came off for me. So I am cruising through this exercise when I have to run backwards. Now Mammoths just don't do backwards but being a sport I will try anything. The first time through I am a ROCK STAR! The next time through I was almost the Hindenburg as I was about to crash and burn. Fortunately I regained my balance and composure but for a second my Mammoths it was close. When we finished the agility drills three times we then went and started the circuits over again starting at 15 and working our way down. By the end of the time I had strode 2+ miles with a ton of exercises in between. I know that I lost like 90 pounds of water weight because I came home and looked like Beef Jerky. I also drank Lake Lanier and was still thirsty all day.

All the moaning and trunk wagging aside it was great to be back with my herd-mates and be around really positive people whose goals are the same as mine. It was also good to be around Michael again because he brings out the best in you, even when you know you can't do it Michael is there to show you how.

I am also very excited about getting back to my Good Measure Meals and eating clean again. Like I said yesterday I ate for comfort and when talking to Bob Wright at H3 today he said that was a normal reaction. He said what was new for me was that I did not say, "Oh Well I have failed, lets go to the China Buffet." I looked at the situation, recognized it for what it was, and have readjusted. I will succeed at this, if you don't believe me, then you don't know me.

Alright Mammoths I need to spend some time with the Mommoth so I will check in with you tomorrow. I hope that you have fun on the range tomorrow, stick close to a good watering hole (especially now that we are in summer), and as always mind what you are grazing on.

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