Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 301: When a Mammoth Falls By Himself Does Anyone Hear It? HECK, YES THEY DO!!!

Greetings Mammoths. Your herd leader has had a truly Charles Dickens past week: It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. (My English teacher Lynn Lightner will be very pleased with this opening)

Well as you all know I was off to stomp around Chicago. I had myself scheduled for a running tour of Chicago and participate in my very own Spirit of the Marathon. I was so excited about living up to my healthy lifestyle in Chicago with the only draw back being I did not have my Good Measure Meals with me. Michael from WoW Boot Camp had me a schedule and I was so psyched to be running 4 miles, a part of it being the Miracle Mile that I just read about in Devil in the White City. All of this I had planned and I was ready to execute. I got to my hotel room, I laid out my clothes, downloaded a GPS app so I won't get lost, and downloaded Chicago by Sinatra--I am ready. Then it happened. Uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever. I was a victim of the Rotovirus and man does it suck! I spent two days in my hotel room praying for death! I was sacrificing whatever I could to the Mammoth Gods above to make me feel better, nothing worked. I called home to find the Mommoth has the same thing going on with her and that the Grand Mommoth has come down from Baltimore to help out. This is a nightmare! Again though Mammoths I look at my weight loss as a blessing because once again I healed up rather quickly and was able to participate in the Twilight 5k on Saturday.

So we get to registration on Friday night. I am excited because this is one of those races that my friends at WoW Boot Camp do and I was so pumped about being a part of it. So I go to the table to get my number when this volunteer named Goober (not his real name) looks at me and says, "Can I help you?" "Yes, I am here to pick up my race packet." "Um, you are going to run?! Sure you can do this big fella?" Needless to say Mammoths at this point I am contemplating introducing my right stomping foot to his rear end but I remember my breathing techniques, give him my name, and swear that somehow this slight will be avenged! Next day the weather holds nicely, it is a beautiful morning to run. As I am warming up I see Goober talking with his buddies and he looks over in my direction, smirks, and says something witty to his buddies. It is at this time I begin to focus. I don't care what I do, I will find Goober and defeat him! The race starts and I am doing awesome. My splits are really fast and I am operating in low Zone 2 and keeping my determination high. Now Mammoths you know that you always game plan your course and I had done my homework. I knew that right after 1 mile we would turn on to Boulevard which is a very hilly section of our town. If I was ever going to get Goober it was going to be there. As I turn I see Goober and man oh man he is struggling up the hill. Near the crest of the hill on our way down I pull up along side Goober. He sees me and you can tell that he is not having a good time. He is wheezing, snot is hanging out his nose, and his gait is really off. I ask if he is okay, he waves his affirmative, and I continue talking to him as we start up hill number 2. I tell him that this is my favorite part of running, hills. That my friend Michael has really worked with me on being stronger and that operating in Zone 2 is a great place to be because you can talk and enjoy the run. I then tell Goober that the worst of the hills is still yet to come but after that we only have a general rise until we get to Hancock street which is another impressive hill to climb. His groan is loud and satisfying. As we go up the third hill I tell Goober that I need to get back up into low Zone 2 so I need to say goodbye and I will see him at the finish line. I then take off like a shot and yes I enter Zone 3 for a second or two but damn that felt good. I crossed the finish line at 42:03, a new personal best. Goober 45:12! I guess next time he won't doubt the power of the Mammoth.

Well Mammoths I have some other little running stories I will share over the weekend but right now the Baby Mammoth needs me to rock her to sleep so I am off to do it. Tomorrow I hope to see you all out on the range (its going to be a beautiful Saturday here in the Classic City), stick close to a good watering hole, and as always mind what you are grazing on.

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