Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Love and then Treading :)

Hey Mammoths! Just wanted to again thank you all for the love you are showing this guy. I am seeing now that my story was truly inspirational to a lot of people and they are telling me how awesome they are doing! I am current at Hilton Head Health (H3) and am having a blast with Jackie and Tilly. I got to do two things I love: I got to talk about my experience at H3 and the 1/2 Marathon and I got to teach a Treading Class. The Treading Class allows me to talk to people who are not runners and share with them the joy of running. It is also a kick butt workout!

After my class I made a new friend. This guy Mammoths is one of us. He has the heart of a champion and will overcome his issues. I have total faith in this man and can't wait for him to share his awesome story of triumph as he recovers. Keep it up my herd mate, you are among friends.

Below are two videos Jackie shot of me doing the treading class. Mad love goes out to our Honorary Mammoth Jeff Ford who lent me his music, and by lent I mean I went into his office and took his CDs, he didn't need them. Thanks Jeff!

Alright y'all check out the videos and have a great night.

I hope you all had a good day on the range, that you stuck near a good watering hole, and that you minded what you were grazing on.



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