Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 Mile Stomp

Hey Mammoths it was a glorious day to do a seven mile stomp. Matt and I geared up and went for it early in the morning. I like doing the runs early in the morning because it allows for me to keep my exercise adherence plan going.

When I was at H3 one of the lectures that I would attend over and over again was one called exercise adherence taught by Adam Martin. Adam would always say that you need to find a routine that works for you and find a time that is the most optimal for you to actually make it to the gym. Being a WoW BootCamper! I am up at 5 to get there by 5:30 on Tuesday and Thursdays and Monday and Wednesdays I am at the Omni with Matt.

Mammoths it is important to have a buddy when you are out there. I am fortunate that I have my herdmate Matt with me all the time. It is so awesome to have a friend keep you going and motivate you. We hit some hard hills today and Matt was there to help me get through it. Having a friend do the runs with you makes life so much better and makes the time go by quicker.

Well Mammoths the run was good. The friendship was better and keeping my exercise program going is sweet.

So Mammoths get out there and enjoy the range, make sure you are near a decent watering hole, and as always be careful of what you are grazing on.

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