Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thermal Walk After Lunch

Hey Mammoths want to keep your Base and lose some lbs in the process? Then do a quick "thermal" walk after lunch. You don't have to go far or very fast but a nice brisk pace will make your lunch burn off quicker, give you a little boost of energy during that afternoon lull, and help keep you in shape.

At MoWerks we are instituting a "thermal" walk at 1 pm (1300 est) and we will go for a mile or so, turn around and come back ready to tackle the problems of the afternoon. Walking is a great way to burn calories, relieve stress, and also bond with your co-workers outside of the office in a more healthy way than Happy Hour at La Parilla.

So Mammoths bring those running shoes to work, walk on the range with new members of the herd, be sure you are near a good water hole, and as always be careful of what you are grazing on.

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