Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keep Drinking!!!!

Well it has been rather cold here in Georgia as of late. It is so cold that when I do exercise outside I am having to remind myself to get a drink. I usually do this during my second and fourth walking phase of my 6/4 workout. It is important Mammoths to make sure that you keep hydrated during your runs, and when its cold outside our bodies can sometimes fool us into believing we don't need the water because we don't feel the same thirst drive as we do during the warmer months.

It is very important to keep hydrated because hydration fuels recovery. A study that was given to my by a trainer at H3 said that most Americans are dehydrated 60% of the time. That is an amazing statistic. Lack of hydration, the study continues, leads to sluggishness which in turns leads to eating, which leads to extra calories, which leads to excess weight. I found this study to be pretty remarkable.

So my Herd Mates I suggest you get yourself a nice big glass of water every hour or so. You will see that by drinking your water you will be less hungry and more energized. When running make sure that you have access to water and schedule times for drinking. If you are doing a long run, something over 4 miles for a guy my size, I would invest in a Camel Pack. I would tell you to get a Spy Belt but they just don't make them in our size.

Well my little Mammoths I wish you a good running day, keep near the water hole, and watch what you graze on out there.

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