Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Importance of Cross Training

Hey there Mammoths. I thought today I would talk a little about cross training. Cross training is when you do a different exercise routine other than the one you are normally doing. For me I do a thing called WoW BootCamp! Now WoW is runner oriented, Michael and April Williams are big time runners and triathletes, but we spend a lot of time developing our core muscle strength, arm and leg strength. I also like WoW because it gives me a chance to hang with the other guys who are also determined to lose weight and be healthy. I have made some great friends in my cross training class and it helps break up the loneliness of the run.

I have attached a video of the first 5k. I put it up on YouTube and will do that from now on.

Have fun roaming the range, drink your water, and be careful of what you are grazing on.

New Year 5K

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  1. I love boot camps. Did one for about 18 months... then stopped running all together. That was 3+ years and 30+ pounds ago. But, your story has inspired me to take my life back too... and move my body. Thank you for being you and being brave :)