Thursday, January 13, 2011

When a Mammoth Is Iced In

So here in Athens, GA we had a freak snow storm that dumped 8 inches of snow on us and then froze over. Since we don't have a budget for snow removal or de-icing equipement that means that my fair city has been shut down. It also means the roads are impassable, making it impossible for me to run. So what is a Mammoth to do when they are stuck? You get creative.

Over the holidays my family bought a Kinect for the Xbox 360 and we got a game called Dance Central. Anyways if you want to see how Dance Central works pop on over to my VLog on YouTube and see how a master does it.

Today was a great day because I was able to get out and get back into the gym. I also dropped 9.8 this week, which is awesome seeing how I was housebound for most of the time. My friend Bob Wright at H3 always says that weight follows behavior. One of the things that Jackie and I are doing is limiting our eating out to just one night every two weeks. I love eating out. When I was a kid eating out was the one thing my family did together and enjoyed doing it. Eating out went from being a special occasion to almost every night when I went to High School. Lots of factors fit into this scenario. My parents were working way, way, way to much, I was so unhappy with my home life that I was over scheduling myself, and honestly being a food addict when we went out to eat we could not talk to one another about how we really felt because we were stuffing our faces with food. The behavior I want to teach my Little Mammoth is that eating out is a treat. Just because we drive by (insert fast food with drive through window here) does not mean we are going to stop and get something. I know this sounds preachy but as a food addict I have to recognize this behavior and break the cycle of dependency.

Well that was deep Mammoths so if you want a real laugh for the link to my VLog and check out some serious dance moves.

As always, enjoy the range and the ramble, stick near a good watering hole, and watch what you are grazing on.


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  2. Hey Mark, Adam here. I like the "No Excuses" mentality and the behavioral goal. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Adam. Yep I am taking no prisoners. Lost another 10 pounds this week and I did 5 miles in 75 minutes.