Sunday, January 9, 2011

4 Mile Ramble

So I heard that there was a WoW BootCamp! run on Saturday. Now Mammoths I am a social animal and really like being around people and these WoWers are my type of Mammoth. They are all driven to be the best they can be and are always around to support the herd. I have gone through some tough times and it was nice having these folks behind me, helping me through, and pushing me when I needed it. I am a big believer in running with a group or a buddy. This gives you an accountability you may not have otherwise. If you live in the Baltimore area I know that the Baltimore Running Club meets at PJs Pub on Charles Street and they are happy to have new members. My Mom's neighbor, Kathy belongs to that club so if you do join up tell her the Lead Mammoth says hello.

I am blessed to have really supportive people in my life when it comes to my running and eating habits. My biggest fan and supporter is my wife, Jackie. For Christmas this year she gave me something I have needed since I began running, a heart rate monitor. Nothing says I LOVE YOU quite like a monitor that lets me know where my heart rate is and makes me a better runner. If you are over 250 and running (or rambling as I like to call it) then you NEED to have one of these monitors. There are a ton of them out there but make sure you get one with a strap that goes around your chest area. The one Jackie got for me is a SportLine and it also does my intervals, so if something happens to my RunKeeper (like at the last half) then I am able to keep my intervals going during training or the race.

Well Mammoths that is all I have for today. We are preparing for Snowpocolypse here in Athens, GA with freezing rain and snow predicted. So to warm my fellow Mammoths up I have posted another video. This one is of me during the 4 mile ramble on Saturday and I actually filmed during my walking phase. So get out there on the range, stay near a good water hole, and be mindful of what you are grazing on.

Mark's 4 Mile Ramble Video.

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