Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Days Til the Race

So its Monday night Mammoths and my thoughts are totally about the race on Saturday. Am I prepared? Am I going to finish? What shirt should I wear? The normal questions we all have right before a race.

I know I am prepared. Matt and I have been training non-stop since Christmas so we are more than ready.

Of course I am going to finish. I have never not finished anything I have started so why am I going to start now. I am going to finish and crush my old time. I have my CamelPack ready, my gels, and my Brooks shoes are broke in and ready to speed me on to victory Mammoths.

The shirt question is by far my hardest question. I have an awesome Brooks running shirt and I also have a really cool shirt our business made. Both are made with wicking material and both are so cool. I am so glad that this is my hardest choice.

Well Mammoths I have begun the tapering process and today I did 3 miles on the treadmill at the Omni just to keep my legs fresh. I am so excited about Saturday and I can't wait to do it and do it well. I will post pictures and all of that good stuff so you can see your pack leader in action.

Tomorrow I will pack my race bag and talk about what I will be taking and why! Until then Mammoths I hope to see you on the range, stay close to a good watering hole, and as always watch what you are grazing on.

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