Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pain in the Paw: Medicating

So I will confess some things here. I use 1000 mgs of ibuprofen before I run a 5k or 1/2. I do this prophylacticly because I know the kind of pain I deal with. Like I said in my last post I have numerous injuries I deal with and this is a temporary solution. I have noticed that as I drop weight I am in less and less pain.

Dean Karnazes says that distance running is the number one way men lose weight and keep it off. He talks about meeting the Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckaby and how he related his story of weight loss and how running was the way he kept it off. Governor Huckaby also said that at first it was painful to run but as his weight decreased so did his dependence on pain meds to get him through.

My little Mammoths you are going to experience pain. Most of it is temporary and can be fixed with an ibuprofen and RICEing, however, some pain you need to see the doctor about. Do Not Be A Hero!!! This is funny coming from me and some of the people I trained with while at H3 will tell me that I should take my own advice but seriously folks if it is more than a nagging ache you need to get checked out. Remember it is always better to miss two days of training and rest, then two months lying around recuperating from a more serious injury.

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