Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weight Watchers Active Link

Hey everyone. It's the weekend coming up quickly and I hope you have some activity planned to get you moving. We are T-Minus 5 days from the Disney 1/2 Marathon sign up and I am eagerly awaiting that moment.

So as you know if you follow me I have rejoined Weight Watchers. I like the program. Pretty simple to follow, its not as fussy as the other programs, and forces me to use real food--not just prepackaged stuff. I am not a big fan of the meetings but I go. I dislike the meetings because you always get the one person (usually a soccer/dance Mom) who is complaining bitterly about their husband and his eating patterns. Yes, I know this is the place for that discussion but there are times I just don't want to hear it, which is all of the time!

I have purchased a ActiveLink from Weight Watchers. It is $40.00 and to be honest I am completely underwhelmed, especially with all of the great trackers on the market. My first issue I have with it is that it costs me a $5 a month maintenance fee. WTF are you maintaining? So ridiculous! Second issue, its huge! When I put it in my computer I can't use any other USB port, which leads me to my next gripe. Third issue, it is not wireless. I have to physically plug it in to my computer everyday, unlike my FitBit in which I can walk past my computer and it recognizes my FitBit and downloads my data and (oh yeah) FitBit doesn't charge me $5 a month for maintenance. Last gripe, for the size of this thing I have to guess on where I am at. Yes, it has these lights that light up that let me know I am 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% to my goal but it doesn't tell me how far I am from those goals. Again with the size of this thing you should be able to get a screen on there to let you know where you stand. The only positive I have about this is that it goes directly into my points calculator online but it doesn't show me or my leader what I did.

My suggestion to you all. Get a FitBit, Bodybug, or any other type of device to measure your progress. The ActiveLink is just not a good product.

Tomorrow Runner 5 is going after supplies and then on a mission. It's going to be a good Friday.


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