Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Successful Runner 5 Mission

So I am going to gush a little here but the Zombies, Run! app has become one of my favorite parts of the day. I love to get out there and hear the story as I am cruising through my neighborhood. I often now wonder who in my neighborhood would be a Zombie I would have to deal with by bashing in their skull, torment before blasting it in the head with my shotgun, or lead away, because they were once a friend of mine but now they are a killing machine bent on eating my family, so I wouldn't have to do them in. It is a fun mental exercise.

I am also doing either 10 side straddle hops (jumping jacks) or lunges when I am feeling fatigued and need a small break from the blistering pace I am setting. (That is sarcasm there folks.) It was a beautiful evening to get out there and get after it. Humidity was low, nice cool breeze from the East, and the sun was overcast just enough to keep the temp in the mid 70s.

Hope you had a good, solid weekend.

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