Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wow It's Getting Real!

It's been an awesome couple of days. I am a little sore from this morning's Boot Camp but that is to be expected when you miss a day like I did on Monday. It couldn't be helped. My 8th month old son is going through a phase right now where he is not sleeping at all and it is really taking a toll on my wife, so I thought I would miss one to help her out. I don't recommend this but sometimes it can't be helped. I did get in a really great walk with my 3 year old which was just as strenuous as any parent can tell you.

We got a nutritional plan today from Coach Michael. Just scanning it briefly makes me really want to try it. I am concerned though that the calorie count may be way to low for me at this stage so I am going to talk with him about it. To me that is another key about weight loss, talking. As a Fat Person we are conditioned to not ask questions. Asking questions is viewed by Non-Fat People as us challenging them or their ideas. I have seen it with Weight Watchers Leaders, Personal Trainers, and Dietitians. I am fortunate in that Michael welcomes questions and is very reflective in his practice so I have no hesitation in talking with him about things.

To end I am embedding a song I really like. I think I may do this every now and again.

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