Monday, August 4, 2014

Boot Camp Baby!

So today was my first day back at Boot Camp with Michael Williams and man have I missed it. Now I am way, way, way out of shape but that is the point. You don't go to church after you fixed your personal life, you go to get the help you need. Same with Boot Camp for myself. As I was trucking around the parking lot Michael reminded me that exercise is fine but it is going to be nutrition that will determine my success. Using Weight Watchers will be a good way for me to keep my eating in check but its going to be a tough one because I love my food.

Best part of Boot Camp is the people. Today I met two new guys, Mark and Tim, who are preparing for their first 1/2 Marathon. I was reacquainted with a guy name Lee who used to work at the radio station and my friend Brooks from Athens Church. Two folks I was really glad to see today were Kevin and Barbara. They are rock steady individuals who have been on the same journey as I have for a long time. I used to see Ms. Barbara running up and down Whitehead Road and Kevin joined Boot Camp right around the time I came back from Hilton Head. These are all quality people and they make the work a tad easier.

So first day is in the books. I am back and putting the three legged stool in its correct position. Cheers!

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