Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Signs You Have Had A Great Boot Camp

So today was a tough day at the Park! Michael gave us the "Full Body Workout." You know you are in for a "spirited" time when you start off with a casual walk, that's when you know you are going to get it fully on the chin. So with that said I would like to give a list of signs you had a great Boot Camp session.

1. When you are in the shower you have grass and gravel falling out of places that it should have been impossible for it to get into, unless you were doing Burpees until failure or death in my case.

2. Your instructor's name replaces your favorite curse words. Example: I got cut off this morning in traffic and I yelled, "Go Michael Williams yourself, Michael Williams."

3. Your teeth hurt from clenching them so hard as you stand for what seems like hours, which in fact was about 2 minutes, in a 90 degree angle with your back against the wall.

4. You can't lift your arms to reach the ibuprofen and then you have to ask your 3 year old to take off the "child proof" lid because you just physically can't do it.

5. Stairs are the bane of your existence. I have a one story home and those two steps to get into the house was almost a deal breaker.

So if you experience these five things and a myriad of others then you know you have had a great Boot Camp. Can't wait to see what we got in store for us on Friday morning.

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