Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh The Pain of It All

Morning Mammoths. So it was a slow day on the range today. I am so so sore today from the level of activity. It would have been easy for me to skip out of today's workout but the only person that hurts is myself. So I got up and waddled over to Matt's house and he and I went to Bishop Park to get in a nice walk. Our pace was a medium one but it was brisk enough to get a sweat going. All in all it was a wonderful walk and it worked out some of my soreness.

I am including a picture from the Athens Half Marathon of Matt, Myself, and Jeff Ford. Jeff is an awesome runner from Hilton Head Health and my good friend. He and I are starting up a charity for Runners who want to help out a camp for kids with cancer. If you are a runner or want to help out drop me a message through the blog here.

Happy running my Woolly Little Friends and stay warm out there :)

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