Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 332: WoW Boot Camp Day of Infamy! Is That A Snack In Your Pants Or Are You Just Glad To See Me? Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

Howdy Mammoths. As my spiritual leader Ice Cube once said, "Today was a good day." Now it didn't start off so hot but as the day wore in it just got better and better which puts in mind for me the idea of perseverance.

Now Mammoths me and the Mommoth are DAWG tired. The reason behind this is that the Baby Mammoth is transitioning from the bassinet to the crib, which she is not happy about. When the Baby Mammoth isn't happy then no one in the herd is happy. For two nights in a row now I have had to relieve the Mommoth and hold the Baby Mammoth until she falls asleep. The problem comes when you lay her down, that is when the fun begins, so I have held her for hours on end. Yes, I know its detrimental but just how much longer do I have to hold her, so missing a little sleep is not that big of a deal. Missing sleep does hurt your weight loss though because when you are tired you are more apt to eat unhealthily or at least off of your meal plan. So I have to be careful to stick to my plan, which having Good Measure Meals has been a lot easier than it would have been with out them.

So I am up early before Boot Camp, I fall asleep on the couch and the Mommoth wakes me up with just enough time to get there. Now normally Mammoths this would be a time when I would say, "F*@k it! I am going to sleep." That was the old Mammoth. The new Mammoth shook the cobwebs out his brain, put on his running shoes, and headed to the Y. When I got there I saw that there were a ton of guys there and most of them are my friends, so going was a double blessing. I tucked in with three guys I am really close with and for the first time since I started Boot Camp with Michael Williams I kept up with them. It was a truly great feeling to be able to keep up with your friends, especially since I was the one everyone used to lap.

So with that under my belt I went to work and had a wonderful day until I realized something. I HAD NO SNACK! I had left my Good Measure Meals snack at the house. I was a little panicked by this because I have been doing so well and our office has a tendency to buy Faux Healthy Snacks. We have bought the low cal, no sugar, and no frosting snacks but we never looked at the calories. So as I am heading over to the snack counter I notice something new. FRUIT!!! A ton of fruit! I was so happy Mammoths because I really thought I was going to jump the tracks here, an unplanned splurge, but because my partner and employees are trying to be more healthy they had fruit. I was able to get my snack on and still stay on track.

Went and picked up my Good Measure Meals for the next few days and they look wonderful. Tonight I had to eat my Friday meal because the packaging was dented somehow but that was alright and I am glad I did because it was delicious. Feta Chicken over noodles with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. After dinner the Mommoth and I went for our daily stroll. Mommoth has a triathlon in a few months so she is following her WoW plan that April Williams gave her. I just walked with the Baby Mammoth and got in a quick 1.7 miles which helped me burn some more calories.

Well as Ice Cube said, "Today was a good day." I hope you had a good day too Mammoths. Rest day tomorrow but I will still get in a nice walk to keep the legs loose. So I hope to you roaming on the range, sticking close to a good watering hole, and being mindful of what you are grazing on.

Okay this is one of my favorite recipes. I made it for the Mommoth when we got snowed in and she loved it! Now coming from Baltimore I know good Cheese Steaks and this is a good Cheese Steak. 

4 each Whole Wheat bread
2 each White onions, julienned
2 cups Button or crimini mushrooms, quartered
½ tsp. Black pepper
½ cup Fat-free cream cheese (2 Tbsp per piece of bread)
12 each Roast beef (3 slices per slice of bread)
4 slices Swiss cheese

• Preheat oven to 350ºF.
• Heat a large non-stick sauté pan over medium high heat. Spray with cooking spray and sauté
onions and mushrooms. Add pepper.
• Spread 2 Tbsp of cream cheese onto each slice of bread.
• Arrange three slices of roast beef over bread, then top with 1 ½ cups of onions and mushrooms.
• Then top off with slice of swiss cheese.
• Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is browned and bubbly.

Number of Servings: 4
Serving Size: 1 slice
Calories: 199
Fat: 2.2

To cut calories I use Rounds instead of regular bread. Thanks for the recipe H3! Mammoths keep up the mindful grazing by checking this recipe out and others by following this link to H3s Website

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