Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1: Holy Sh*t Am I Really Doing This???

Okay so today me and the Mommoth, Baby Mammoth, and Mommoth in Law went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a juicer. Now we had a 20% coupon and we had a food processor that we returned and in the end we actually got money back for our purchase. Now most of you know that I am a Christian and I believe things happen for a reason and all of this was just to perfect for there not to be some sort of divine intervention. Thank you Jesus!

So we get home and the Mommoth and I make an apple juice and it was delicious! The Baby Mammoth went down for her nap and the Mommoth in Law said we could go to the store. Once at Sams Club the Mommoth and I got about 120 dollars worth of fruit and vegetables. Upon our return home we were excited to begin our juicing adventure.

The Mommoth decided we were going to try the Mean Green Juice Recipe we saw on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. We made it, we tried it, and to be honest it wasn't the worst thing I have ever tasted but it wasn't the most pleasant either. I knew that I could survive on it and that it was fuel to start my reboot. The Mommoth however thought it was terrible. She feels that it will grow on her but for now all she can say is BLEECH! (Note: The Mommoth, Baby Mammoth, and Mommoth in Law all had pork chops tonight--I oven cooked them but the juicing for my beloved is on hold.)

So for dinner I had another Mean Green Juice and the Mommoth made me an awesome Berry Good Time juice and to be honest I am very satisfied. When I did crave something I ate some grapes and an orange but all in all it was a good juice fast day.

DISCLAIMER: If you are bothered by bodily fluid or function discussions then you need to stop reading and catch me tomorrow.

The biggest physical change I have noticed already is in my BMs. My system feels totally cleaned out and I feel like a lot of the toxins are being purged from my body even as I am writing this. During on urination break my urine was Kermit the Frog green which tickled me to no end. I feel healthier already!

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