Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Four: Its The Taste of Success

Hey Mammoths. So I have been FaceBooked repeatedly on my juice fast and the one question that keeps coming up is how does the juice taste. I make the Mean Green cocktail you see in the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and it tastes how you would expect. It has an earthy undertone with a lemony aftertaste. Its not the best nor the worst thing I have ever tasted. The Mommoth and the Mommoth in Law have been researching different recipes and to be honest I like the sweet fruit ones the best but I make sure that my intake is 70% vegetable and 30% fruit. (The Mommoth thinks the Mean Green tastes really gross but it has grown on me.)
I am doing some small eating mostly because I know me and I need to masticate on something during the day or my willpower will fail. What I eat are either a fruit, vegetable, or nut in its natural state or as close to it as I can. Some folks will say that this is not a true juice fast and to them I would say, "You are right. This is my juice fast and I know what works for me and this works for me."

I am starting to get the stomach cramps that come with this type of dieting. It's as if my whole torso goes into a painful seizure and it is very debilitating. So far it has only happened at home and usually I can walk it out but they are becoming more and more frequent but that is the price you pay for being hot! No pain no 44 inch pants!

Again nothing to really report on the bathroom front so you can breath a sigh of relief. Take care y'all. Tomorrow is reevaluation day for me and the Mommoth. Will I continue? Guess you will have to read tomorrows blog to find out!

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