Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 5 and Then A Curve Ball, Day 6, Day 7

Howdy Mammoths! I say Howdy because I am in Waco, Texas right now. I am meeting a client tomorrow for MoWerks so I have had to travel and be away from the Mommoth and Baby Mammoth, which makes me sad and glad. Sad because I miss them but glad because I get an opportunity to make their lives better by working really hard and allowing the Mommoth to do the toughest job in the world, taking care of the Baby Mammoth! I had to make some decisions very quickly and I think I have done a good job so far.

So Friday was a normal work day for me. It was also a normal Juice Fast day. I got up, the Mommoth made me my juice for breakfast and for the day, and I went to work. I checked my blog and many of you said I should continue my juice fast as long as I felt strong. So I with the Mommoth's input decided I would continue the fast for another 5 days. This plan was going swell until about 4 pm when I got an email from a client stating they wanted me in Waco, TX on Monday morning. So I got my ticket, got a rental car, and had to come up with a new plan.

My new plan was simply sticking with my Weight Watchers diet while I am on the road. I count my points, I make healthy decisions (or try too), and I bring my own snacks.

Now I have a preflight ritual that I have which is getting a three piece chicken combo from Popeyes at the Atlanta Airport. I am a creature of superstition and so I knew going to that airport that this meal was going to happen. So to plan for it I ate a lighter breakfast of cereal and fruit which took me to 9 points. Now I have 71 points a day so by eating this one meal I knew that it would take up close to 1/2 of my daily points but that was okay because it was a choice I made. I normally also get the red beans and rice but today I substituted that with the plain rice and my meal was just as enjoyable. I also took the time to enjoy each bite knowing this is a treat and not an everyday occurrence. I also calculated the points after I finished with each part of my meal. I am pretty sure that Bryan was thinking this was awfully strange but hey you have to stick to your plans. I also have been drinking nothing but water and that also helps. I do miss the caffeine rush but I like being healthy better.

I think what really helped me with my transition was that I ate really healthy on Saturday in preparation for my trip. I ate a healthy breakfast with the Baby Mammoth, had a great healthy snack, I had some California Roll and Vegetable Roll for lunch, had another healthy fruit snack, and then cooked this wonderful Lemon Pepper Tilapia with rice and vegetable medley. This empowered me to have a great day today.

Now normally I don't say you should eat at a restaurant in this blog but today I am making an exception. When Bryan and I got into Waco we were pretty hungry. So we asked the man at the front desk a place he would recommend. He told us to go to Rudy's Barbecue. Folks, I got the 1/2 pound of smoked turkey and it was the most delicious meat I have ever tasted. It was the best 7 WW points I have ever spent. So if you are looking for some good food that is a better choice go to Rudys. WARNING: There are some major temptations there so go in with a plan!

Attention: There will be some bathroom talk coming up so if you are of a delicate nature you may want to call it a night and check back tomorrow as I talk about my experience with a hotel free breakfast.

So after I ate at Popeyes I felt really full. I mean that was a lot of greasy chicken if you think about it, two legs and a breast. Well after my flight to Dallas I had to use the bathroom and of course what I had expected four or five days ago happened in the public bathroom. I had a huge butt explosion!!! My thought is that the healthy eating I have done for the past week has made my body want nothing but good stuff so when the grease came in it acted like a natural Alli and kicked that stuff straight out. I also BMed at my hotel after dinner but I think that was more Popeyes than Rudys. Either way I am happy my body is reacting so well to the juice fast and craving fresh vegetables and fruit.

Well that is the big news update. I am leaving Waco for Dallas tomorrow so that means more choices out there in the big wide space of Texas. I will resume juice fasting on Wednesday and do it for another five days.


  1. Hey Mark, If you want to change up the recipes but still have a healthy detox try Jason Vale's they are actually delicious. Message me if you want the recipes. I am happy to share.

  2. Enjoy your time in Texas and just keep on doing ww with healthy choices. Hard to do on a trip.. whether on the road or in the air. Texas has lots of excellent Mexican food, too, so if you want to avoid another close encounter with a Bathroom Seat... avoid those pinto beans!
    Be well and let us know how the trip went!