Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3: Headache Is A Small Price To Pay

*Note* I left my laptop at work yesterday and for some reason my iPad and Blogger were just not getting along. Here is what I wrote for yesterday. New Blog Tonight!!!

Day three of the juice fast went by rather uneventfully. I followed my schedule and it worked out just great. The one drawback to all of this is that I can't drink coffee. Ask any of my boys and they will tell you I am addicted to coffee but alas I have not had any since Monday morning and I am beginning to withdraw, hence the headache.

I went to my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers and got my new number.  I hadn't weighed myself since I hurt my knee so it was good to see my number and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did learn that the Mean Green is 5 points but I am still trying to work that out.

My biggest challenge today was during my role playing time with my friends after work. Normally it is a snack filled beer festival, and it was again tonight but my juices made me feel satisfied so I was all good. Still wanted to punch Brian in the face and take his Wendy burger. I think I wanted that burger more out of comfort need than a food need. Lots of stress at work but I am doing okay keeping things in perspective.

Well that is my day. Sorry folks no bodily function things to report at this time. See you tomorrow for Day Four and then it's Evaluation Day!

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  1. You should punch Brian just to punch Brian. :P

    Good luck with the juicing! I could never do that. And congrats for getting back on the bandwagon. Cheering for you! :)