Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2: Working the Fast at Work

So to say that today was not challenging would be a total lie. Work is very stressful and as a stress eater you will never guess what I like to do. (For those who are new to the blog I eat when I am stressed out.) Today's stress level was a 237 on a 10 scale so I was wanting to snack like a Mammoth but I was able to resist through a lot of planning and prayer.

The planning was that I would have a juice at 11:30 and 2:30 as my main Mean Green Meals and I would have my Berry Good snack juice at 12:30 and during the Manchester City and Liverpool match. This really paid off for me because I was able to drink water to get me to my times. It was tough but I got through.

My biggest challenge came when we had a lunch meeting today and everybody ordered sandwiches. Now normally I find this one place okay but today they looked like the greatest sandwiches of all time. Then they pulled out the Jalepeno Cheddar chips and I sat there with my Mean Green thinking about how 2012 is my time and this is part of making this my time.

Physically today I am a little more tired than yesterday. In fact I am fighting like crazy to write this blog because I am truly detoxing and I feel it. The last time I felt like this was when I was at H3 my first week.

WARNING: Body function discussion about to occur so if you don't want to know about it then Good Night and I will see you tomorrow.

So my BM was completely weird. I thought that it would be like a green diarrhea but what came out was solid. This surprised me because I thought for sure it would be a large gush of grossness but nope solid and compact. What has thrown me off is the amount of time I am urinating I mean I am going like once every 30 minutes. I was on a conference call and one of the guys I was talking with asked me if I have been checked for prostate cancer because I had to excuse myself so much. Silly Clients :)

So that is the day that I had. I feel bedraggled but I am going to be okay and am looking forward to tomorrow.

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